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Amongst Us #36. Compliment


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Blackbird the smooth(?)talker


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AceVenchurro's avatar

sent to the mega gay zone

Aiko-Hirocho's avatar

I'm THAT kinda person that has an umbrela with cat ears

RizyuKaizen's avatar

i need that umbrella XD like NEED IT! great work as always =)

arenbruhh's avatar

Hello!!! I really love the way you compose panels and scenes!!! I find myself always staring and admiring the whole comic, I absolutely love it. I love how even when it's all characters talking, the backgrounds are really solid and good, especially on far shots with both characters in it.

I can't explain how much I love staring at your comics. It fills me with inspiration!! I love seeing different anatomy techniques (?) at work (like the foreshortening on his arm when he accepts the soda), and even when it might be something readers probably won't point out, it brings this sort of flavor, there's always something different every time.

I love how it's not just bust shots, it's characters *interacting* with one another and I really love seeing that in comics. Idk!!! I'm sorry for rambling, I can't make myself cohesive enough to put to words how much I love *everything* about this and about the things you put out!!!

And not to mention the conversations! The unique toothpaste analogy. I love it so much. It's something I haven't heard of before and that analogy will stay with me forever now. Much love!! Great work!! <3

shilin's avatar

Thank you for your kindness! I'm really happy you like the comic and appreciate the little things :D

InvisibleKing's avatar

I love these series. The last few panels make me feel sad somehow.

Altarior's avatar

Smooth as toothpaste

Nina-Lupus's avatar

I look forward to these comics so much!!

Myth-Searcher207's avatar

Veloce's Saitama face kills me :laugh:

Also, I want that kind of umbrella (the cat ears one).

SinisterBunneh's avatar

Damn where can I get toothpaste that does all that?! Sign me up!

I always love the way you color your pics, the effort and the small details are truly mesmerizing <3

Your character designs are so unique, and the expressions are always so varied and truly show emotion.

Also I want that umbrella

I-SnowKitten-I's avatar
I love this!! So cute! Such adorable characters!
Blunell's avatar

I swear this whole Amongst Us series could be dubbed "The art of making friends: a guide to socializing" :XD: I identify with Veloce here, and it's heartwarming to see how she's gradually opening up and bonding with Blackbird :)

CMVreud's avatar

I iz human, not toothpaste. >n< XDXDXD

Zorbonaut's avatar

I want that umbrella!

sayossie's avatar

Awesome work.

qren's avatar

ya I'm with veloce that toothpaste analogy was super cheesy and weird XDDD

Gallia's avatar

this was not what i expected, however it is absolutely adorable and I'm glad I found it!

mjkroes's avatar

"Clears thier skin and waters thier crops and gives them good grades"? [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov laugh:

I can't get enough of this AU~ Thanks for always brightening my day Shilin~ :heart:

AmyNChan's avatar

That analogy was funny, but what really sold it was Velonce's face. X'DD

sixt-chan's avatar

Love it so much!!!

Lumaryth's avatar

I'm with Veloce on this one, that was one weird toothpaste analogy lol! But I also know exactly what Blackbird means haha

LadyMegami's avatar

Oooh, nice umbrella. Where can I get it?

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