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Amongst Us #35. Live in the moment


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Something a little different :)


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I laughed all way through. This is genius :XD:

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that is the funiest way to clean up omg so cute
Mang0l0v3r's avatar

This segment is pure genius (200 IQ!!!)

I absolutely love the idea of replacing dialogue with images. Truly hilarious! I had a good laugh with this one. Thank you :)

A-Huimang's avatar

Myahaha, this simple format is very fun. Nice job~

Lumaryth's avatar


It's so nice to see them bonding, they are perfect for each other!

Cvicel's avatar

OMG this is sooo hilarious! :D You totally made my day. I love the way you draw the thoughts in the bubbles - that is just so brilliant. Great job!

MaverickMuse's avatar

As a once and always band geek myself, I can 100% confirm that that is some god-tier trolling. You would sooner do a rehearsal standing up than disturb a masterpiece like that - partially because it's amazing, and partially because you're pretty sure if you try to dismantle it, someone will die. Also, remind me to never challenge Veloce to a game of musical chairs (get WRECKED, Blackbird).

RevyRuvy's avatar

Ahhh! Shilin I love everything about this!! I genuinely giggled at the first two panels. Super cute and well done.

boom17's avatar

aaw.. this.. damn..

these two are just precious.. <3 <3

lauabaloni's avatar
I cant begin to explain how ADORABLE THEY ARE GOD!!!
squanpie's avatar

Can't read this without that iconic comedy theme music playing in my head... :XD:

SwordandPenArt's avatar

Hilarious! Love these comics:heart:

sayossie's avatar

Rules and fun. So wish more could understand that.

Yu-Nalu's avatar

I really love the dinamic of this two XD . Love for you! you work so hard on this, thank you so much.

Will-Gray's avatar

This is great! This had me grinning from ear to ear.

That was awesome. Words would have been a hindrance.

shilin's avatar

yeah!! a hindrance was exactly how the original dialogue felt and I'm so glad I took them out

DarkerEve's avatar

This was hilarious and adorable at the same time, love that there is dialogue in this one, and still all is easy to understand, visual story telling at its best.

LadyMegami's avatar

No words needed to explain this, absolutely funny and great.

Artificer-Urza's avatar

I've been wondering, but is this version of Veloce considerably taller than the main comic one?

shilin's avatar

she is taller in this AU and has an older appearance too even though she's younger here than in Carciphona; in Carciphona I've been slowly making her taller too as I learn to draw and grasp what I want out of the designs over the years, since I tend to draw people pretty short and child-like even when I was drawing adults, but for consistency's sake I can't make her as tall as I'd like, hence the difference!

mjkroes's avatar

I LOVE THIS!! They're so adorable. Veloce's expression in the second and third panel, and then both of them in the 4th & 5th last panels!!! This is just so wholesome~~ :heart: :heart: :heart:

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