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Amongst Us 3. Home


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back to the bird nest (: forgot to post these new strips here on DA 


Amongst Us is an alternate universe slice of life setting of my manga, Carciphona.
Read AU for free at: 
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AU cover by shilin

:star: Read Carciphona, my original manga series! :star:
Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
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Precamur's avatar
They have an interesting relationship
blackrain8's avatar
Cute, simple, funny and very effective panel layout.
LiberLibelula's avatar
I love the lights in this one :D
Tranquil-R's avatar
there interaction is so beautiful and natrual
Fenrir-son-of-Loki's avatar
=o wow the perspective and spacial awareness is really good! This is top notch comicing!
makleiklee's avatar
Since you already are working on a comic is there a chance you have a friend how knows how to draw like you because I'm writing a comic to join a competition and I need an artist I'm also willing to pay plus the prize for winning the contest is 5 grands if there is a person in your communication range please get me in contact with him/her
cr-yaling's avatar
The light is so realistic!!! It's shining!!!! It's like magic!!
voltronia's avatar
hhhhh yes mom , i mean ma'am 
ItsRieuna's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is so good! Every panel is such high quality! The lighting is beautiful!!
TopHatBigPencil's avatar
ehehehe, yes mom! :giggle:
Toorushinobi's avatar
I love these AU mini comics so much (also adding fire to the ship you sly woman) xDDDD keep up the great work!
amylg05's avatar
Ultamisia's avatar
yus!! i'm really getting into these two. Loving the subsequent chapters as well :D
Cyclone1O1's avatar
Would you By any Chance be interested in a Trade?

You: Give 1 or 2 Points to me
Me: Will Watch You and Give a Llama

Q: Why are you Doing this?

A: Because I'm kinda Desperate
AeriFiretruck's avatar
love the lighting on these!! 
RaenZero's avatar
Beautifully written and drawn!  
SarahMillerCreations's avatar
Adorable! ^^ :heart: Love the modern AU work you're doing. Your comics are such an inspiration~
GhostShell5's avatar
This was great I love their relationship. Nice work.
HayyLin's avatar
And the panels just flow to nicely, ah, I love it lol
HayyLin's avatar
that was so precious omg im soft ♡
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