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Amongst Us #28. Making Friends

By shilin
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good things come to those who go get them ☆

Veloce an asocial introvert--not antisocial, not lonely, not sad--and the story is about her reaching out to someone else. the steps she takes that are huge for her might seem like nothing to someone else, and honestly I have my doubts about how this would be understood by readers who aren't this reclusive, but hope you like it regardless :)


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AniDrewit's avatar

I know this was posted nearly 11 months ago, but I just read it now and it really speaks to me as I am now ;w;

Lumaryth's avatar
Veloce in the wine glass panel oh man Love I may just have to buy a print copy of this comic when it comes out.

I actually think you did a great job of portraying Veloce's introversion and also all the musician things! A lot of the things you've shown in this comic are super relatable. Do you have a background in music yourself?
shilin's avatar
thank you! I'm a classically trained musician and have a degree in music :D
Lumaryth's avatar
Haha I knew it! It shows :) It's really impressive that you're so accomplished in both art and music. What instrument(s) do you play?
shilin's avatar
i play piano :D
Lumaryth's avatar
Omg that's awesome! So do I :D
AmyNChan's avatar

That was a huge step for her. I kind of thought she'd get wrangled in there and didn't expect her to make that first step so quickly. *^_^*

SkyAsimaru's avatar
I love the "Joke flying over her head" panel! Great job! There's so much detail and it all looks magnificent - - especially their subtle expressions!
Anafiel's avatar
i love them all. thank you for this page, shilin! its beautiful. i love veloce's mild insult "you casual", these dorks are too good
Blinded-Ink's avatar
i wish i was as brave as Veloce.
TomboCreations's avatar
Love seeing the efforts of Veloce deciding to spend some time hanging out/ making new friends.
I'm not as much of an asocial like Veloce but I do understand the feeling of not really feeling the need of having the company of friends. In other words, I'll be mentally fine with just acquaintances around my daily life. Plus, I'm the type of introvert that can't function without a solid amount of alone time.
But yea friends do add so much more laughter and happiness into our lives :heart:
Kiki-Tayler's avatar
This is so wonderful and perfect. I love that Veloce isn't depressed about being alone, that she's comfortable with the level of social interaction that she gets just by being in a public place. And yet, when someone opens the door for a deeper friendship, she's not scared of stepping outside her comfort zone. She takes the chance and lets herself be a part of the conversation instead of an observer. 
As someone who's entire social circle formed this way, I love it. 
You've done well!
Auryuu90's avatar
Marshmallow hahahaha :laugh:  Man I love their chemistry so much. It's nice seeing blackbird breaking veloce out of her shell (an accurate depiction of how an extrovert adopt an introvert). Can't wait to see more :D
applePAI's avatar
Very relatable! And beautifully, perfectly told. Your eye for panels and pacing are inspiring :iconheureshiiplz:
Ryusoko's avatar
CMVreud's avatar
This is so heatwarming wholesome.
FirestarterFumei's avatar
I think it's panel 40? After Veloce stacks some chairs and is thinking. That panel really speaks to me. I'm an introvert, and lonely a lot of the time (unlike Veloce), but I've worn that face when I wanted to join in and felt like I couldn't or shouldn't. It conveys so much. It's so beautiful!
shilin's avatar
im glad it does :)
sealbatross's avatar

damnnnn can relate to this so hard

Zorbonaut's avatar
Ahhh what a wholesome update! And as someone who tuned into this comic in the middle of the story, yeah, I would have pegged Veloce as that slightly elitist character too haha

(...I still haven't read the full comic...)
Penstray's avatar
Well, I used to be like Veloce in the sense that I liked keeping to myself because I felt self-conscious talking to people. Nowadays, though, I'm asocial bordering antisocial because I do know what to expect from most people, and that's all sort of selfish bullshit. Ironically though, because I don't care all that much anymore about pleasing people or wanting to be liked by them, I can strike up a conversation effortlessly with anyone if I want to, and I'm a magnet for most people. Which is really funny given the fact that, mostly, the only thing I do trust others with is for them to betray my trust, so I rarely give it completely anymore. 
LorienInksong's avatar
Awww this update was really sweet. Well done.
MissCamelot's avatar

Every time you post an update I an amazed by Veloce. There really aren't many female characters like her out there and it's so refreshing (and relatable)!

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