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Amongst Us #27. Headache (2)

By shilin

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Episode 27 is up! don't worry about killing veloce, she's already ascended to heaven ( :

In other news, I'm preparing book 1 of Amongst Us to be self published!! It's reformatted to the traditional layout and it'll look glorious, stay tuned for more sneak peaks of it in the next few months :D


AU is my slice of life/comedy/whatever webtoon/webcomic! Read the rest of AU at:…

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CloudyMad's avatar
Still love the gay panic. <3 Bless your soul <3 Can't wait to see more of them!!!!!
kessir's avatar
Shilin... you're the lesbian author this world needs. Thank you for this. I love their relationship so much, and among all the gay stories I've consumed in the past years, this is among the best, most believable that isn't JUST "everyone's super adorable and friendly with each other". I love the banter. Thank you for creating this <3
shilin's avatar
thank you this means a lot to me to hear ;_;
Rasenryu's avatar

OH NO SHE'S CUTE. love that ending!

Lumaryth's avatar
They're so cute I can't handle it!! A match made in heaven :heart:

Also haha they both have headaches now! :D
Aiko-Hirocho's avatar
SarahMillerCreations's avatar
THIS IS SO PRECIOUS TwT <3 <3 <3 You do such an amazing job with lighting and atmosphere~ :heart:
eatingcherriesalive's avatar

i can relate sooooooo much to veloce... to.. like... everything (except the looks :D )

jehyoko's avatar
Ahhh So cute <3
SuperSamVision's avatar
I find it funny how BB is so nice in this comic, compared to the main comic where she is an irredeemable piece of shit that deserves the spanking of the century.
TruancyCity's avatar
bruh ur gonna publish book
cant wait omg im gonna preorder if its up for it aaaaa
Anafiel's avatar
Veloce's "oh no she's hot" is the most adorable thing eeeeveeeeeeerrrr! poor headachey lady. i been there
Artificer-Urza's avatar
Exchanging one headache for another.
qren's avatar
mrs keur is such a troll XDDD

No matter the universe, Veloce is Veloce...

Although it's probably the first time we see her with emotion on her face (well, a somewhat positive emotion).

And now I'm wondering who that friend is.

Chasenyx's avatar

I would actually buy that :D

FirestarterFumei's avatar
I wonder who the friend is?
AndySerrano's avatar
I loved this one very much.
CuteNikeChan's avatar
i love themm omg
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