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Amongst Us #24. Familiarity

By shilin
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the plush's name is chubbs and she is as soft as veloce's kokoro

The music here is the piece Blackbird played last time, Ysaye's Sonata op 27 #3, for solo violin. here's a link for the violin original and a link for one transcribed for cello so you can hear their music!

Hilary Hahn on violin:
Fujiwara Hideaki on cello:

Below is just more music stuff that I included in this comic that's just fun to "get" if you're a musician but not necessary to know if you're not, because all I needed to convey here is that veloce is playing blackbird's song. But if anyone doesn't understand and wants to know, she basically downloaded the sheet music, converted the pdf to editable digital sheet music format, and transposed it to a lower range using an editing program to create a version that is playable on a cello. is like the wikipedia of all classical music sheet music, and musescore is an amazing free sheet-music-based music program :D

I am a pianist and I don't know much about other instruments, everything I've been writing into this AU has been a product of research to the best of my ability, but from what I've gathered, sometimes it's possible to take violin score and transpose it down a 5th (plus an octave I guess?) and play it on the cello basically note for note because a cello is just a big violin in terms of how its strings and fingerboard are set up. I was so surprised to actually find a recording at first when I joke searched for this sonata on cello, but it was a happy surprise, because I would really rather not make this shit up and then find out I'm wrong and that some parts are unplayable on cello due to hand size or something haha

 Hope you enjoyed this ultra soft episode :D

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DeadCobra's avatar
Shes to lovely to sulk
This composition of art/story gives me straight chills, absolutely fantastic
DeathofInk's avatar
The detail given to Veloce's search for the right version of Blackbird's piece was wonderfully engaging!

Also "poodle search"....ha.
animeleo's avatar

Awww it's her piece! :3

I love how someone can make a piece of music their own by the way they play it. And immediately Veloce synergizes with it <3. Beautiful!

Marichiiko's avatar
This is so beautiful! <3
zyuna's avatar
That webpage cracked me up good with all the puns! XD

Also I wish to give Vel a hug... If she allows it uwu That bedroom and view is gorgeous, hecc
I can't quite put my finger on it, but this page of the story felt very evocative, gave me chills! Can't wait for the next!
DMNfox's avatar
My heart is going to explode to how much I love this, oh mah gawd.
AuroraKallus's avatar
This is absolutely awesome! I'm a violinist and I absolutely LOVE this comic and this is near and dear to my musician heart
ReploidAvenger's avatar
This is fantastic, beautiful work of art.
Soroneir's avatar
I love the websites. :XD 
Chasenyx's avatar
This is sooo good
d4rkbl4de's avatar
ikkari's avatar
This have a great feeling that is speaking to me =)
Got goosebumps from it. ^_^
Love it! Makes me want to play more music.
<3 <3 <3
VitaliaDi's avatar
I love the character design and the way you color these strips is always top notch with the mood :heart:
Watermelonthecat's avatar
i used to play the violin!
Steven Universe - Pearl Icon 
Lombarsi's avatar
I did not know you could upload this format!
Omni-Cheese's avatar

All that I could say is woaaaaa

My bad, I'm just amazed that i could relate with the guy

Even if i'm not a musician... something familiar with the event lmao


3D Llama Badge

PerscenexArts's avatar
I don't have much to do with music, but the character design is awesome.
Ironswift-Tales's avatar
I want this kitty plushie for anime watching!
ReverieRose's avatar
i love how you drew their posture in the different frames. It really gives the viewer a sense of their personality/emotions. 
violinsane's avatar
That's exactly how I felt when I heard Paganini's Moses Variations played on the cello! The version I heard was with Alisa Weilerstein (cello) and Vivian Hornik Weilerstein and it was just so perfect... the way she played the harmonics section was just unearthly beautiful...

And trying to find it on google after was just violin recording after violin recording lol

I love all the little references in the background, btw! Mewscore :lol: I think my favorite though is "She is now studying to become a doctor"

shilin's avatar
haha glad you can relate :D
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