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Amongst Us 18. Concert (2)

By shilin

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Desair meets the parents

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TopHatBigPencil's avatar
Awww :iconiloveitplz: 
this is so sweet!! 
KAMIVI's avatar
The art is awesome but the message is truly powerful. For the people that don't have friends that would say something like that, remember it's okay to fail if you never give up trying. "Sometimes we need stints to figured out what's important to us"
AzureBlaxis's avatar
SarahMillerCreations's avatar
I love this so much! TwT <3 Your characters are just so wonderful and your panels are incredibly well-designed! Your work is such an inspiration! :meow::heart:
IlIDIAKIlI's avatar
Aww that's so sweet.
Aion0o0's avatar
can you draw me lol
esemese's avatar
I love Veloce and Blackbird!
Also wanted to point out, there's a little typo in a "because" when Blackbird talks about her degree (:
REDXIII-Nanaki's avatar
Oh man I wish I have friend like Blackbird lol XD
AJStardust's avatar
FFDGFJJHLKJHGFSAGAFSG I need someone like Blackbird in my life -cries in lesbian(???)-

Jokes aside; you're art, pure art. I've been cofcofstalkingyoucofcof following your work since I was in high school, I'm in college now and your art just keeps improving and I don't know how is that even possible sdggfsd thank you for sharing your amazing art with us!
shilin's avatar
thank you so much for telling me this ;-; im so happy you still like my art, ill keep working hard!!
Frieden-no-Heinawa's avatar
Wow, this looks great! I'm new, but this absolutely looks awesome!

I followed around a month ago I think, and it took me THAT LONG to realise you're one of the artists at the Comic Fiesta last year!
I feel dumb
shilin's avatar
haha don't feel like that XD hope you enjoy the art!
Frieden-no-Heinawa's avatar
I really do, thank you!!
Sorry for the late reply
osika4's avatar
How come I went from wheezing in laughter to crying my eyes out in two seconds flat?!
zyuna's avatar
I'm not crying, you are ;;

Also I can't help but feel like you incorporated some of your own personal experiences in life here. The part about studying and wasting 2 years, feeling that there's not necessarily a fixed schedule in life... That part where BB joked "can you draw me for free" hhhh one of the things artists hate hearing the most
shilin's avatar
haha yaa although they're not my exact experiences, things i write into my stories are usually things that i consider a lot
AndySerrano's avatar
Refreshingly honest.
FirestarterFumei's avatar
I love over-protective friends!
Entraya's avatar
im not sure how to put this, but you know, its like eh, you're using an entirely unique palette for this sort of theme. both artistically, and your actual color palette, but also in the way you tell this story and how the characters relate. theres that undertone of something calm beneath it all, as though its rooted in something, a bit calm, a bit cynical almost, it doesnt get lost in whatevers happening in the scenes. its like a palette that should be used to paint a nice beach, a bit of bright fun and cool breezes as well as endless fecking deep ocean and the ponderousness that goes with it, and lil clouds. i think you've managed to decode at least one other super abstract compliment of mine, so who knows, maybe you get it lol
shilin's avatar
haha thank you for the thought!
pika's avatar
Mhmhm, the protective parents!! :love: At least all the cards are on the table now for Desair, right. Right?!?! :D

Must say, I freaking love the shiny bright light and the ambient light the floor casts on them. And the background adds to it so much how dark it starts almost to fade away with the mood. :heart: :heart: 
VsRealm's avatar
Aah the backstory ooh the pure lil touchy affection uuh the regrets & reassurance hhhng~
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