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AU 2.Train


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more dumb alternate universe stuff of Blackbird and Veloce from Carciphona

Continuing from the airport strip from last time! I am actually going to keep drawing more of this, I've also posted in to tapas at , and line webtoons at… . I won't be able to work on this regularly due to the sheer amount of work I have but I think it's about time when I stopped telling myself this is a bad idea and just let it out and then move on :1

When I have another strip or two or when I have the web layout ready I will launch the website at . for now I'll keep posting the strips here and on tapas and line webtoons. 

AU cover by shilin


Get the art files for this drawing, like hi-res-jpg, layered psd file, steps, and full video at



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Carciphona book 5 cover by shilin
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NikiKalat's avatar
So true, love it! :D
DeathofInk's avatar
When you discover your girlfriend is a total nerd.
ComiKen's avatar
Love this natural-sounding dialogue coming from two anime-style characters. Creates a great effect :D
DaPokemonMadster's avatar
I love everything about this 
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
I never knew I wanted this in my life until now. :lmao:
DiamondDashy's avatar
Oh shit I tought it would be something interesting, Lol -3-'
Evythi's avatar
Is that true that the characters are actually representation of you and your girlfriend? I'm curious, because that's very cure.
ReishaTerrin's avatar
XD omg loli freaking.. .omg... XD
CuteLittleF0x's avatar
Isn't the train moving how can you catch the Charizard if the train is moving heh it's great tho love it
Somi42's avatar
i...thoroughly enjoyed this. great job!
MrEdison's avatar
Lol. This is quite entertaining.
DMNfox's avatar
this is the best xD
DeathofInk's avatar
Pokemon Go! Is serious business.
DMNfox's avatar
indeed it is :o
Gotta catch em all!
DeathofInk's avatar
Never tire of that catchphrase!
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suziegon's avatar
HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! That's hilarious!
osika4's avatar
That's golden.
HimitsuNoKagami's avatar
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LOOOOL!!! Omg that was hilarious!!
padirice's avatar

How Veloce could said something like that and remain cool is beyond my understanding. 
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