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Yeah, love ripping his clothes. I actually found out how fun it was to cut shirts and pants yesterday since it's for my werewolf costume. I figured out that there's a problem of those cuts getting bigger >.>

The truck is actually a 18 wheeler, but it's skidding down the divider of the road. Rok falls down on the street out of fear. His ethic group is Latino by the way, hence the dark skin.
Oh yeah, that driver is mad that his truck is cut! XD There's someone losing business.

His Bio: [link]

The Starry Night Vincent Van Gouh (I think ">>)
Rok ~ShikuroxKanno
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One, I love his outfit.
Two, I love that he speaks Spanish and you put subtitles :)
And three, I love him in general :)
I may or may not do some fanart of him if its cool?