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Razor Radar - Battle Uniform

For Phase 4 of the your OC needs to be in their uniform. Lucky for the Hoodlings, we can choose what we want to wear instead of a New Recruit outfit. :D

Rok isn't one to wear uniforms, but he didn't have a choice. Hopefully everyone can tell he isn't a sweet or fun loving guy. The most accurate way to describe him is cold and cruel. He won't hesitate to fight anyone, he stays away from others and detests women.

As for the uniform itself, he added a few personal touches to the original suit. On his right shoulder is a hazard symbol and on his right hand is one too. The uniform has a mask he can pulled up or down, it also has a hoodie. And he's wearing new headphones that are wireless.

On the back are two R's side by side, opposite of this So the R heads are side by side, not their backs, if that makes any sense ^^;
Or, a regular R then a backwards R Also on the back of his left shoulder, he shows his scar from when he was born. He doesn't know how he got it, his dad he found it when found him. Rok calls this scar his "gift from his mother".

Razor Radar =ShikuroxKanno
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He hates girls? Q__Q Awww, but he's cute~
xD I kid. And I get what you mean with the R's! I think... ^^; Like, the 2nd R would be backwards, right?

Anyway, He looks awesome! >D I love all of the little details on him, like the insignia on his hand. Great work. x3