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Hey all!

I'm reviving my old tumblr. To celebrate this, I will post a new drawing every 1.5 hours, for the next 24 hours!

Check it out, if you're into that sort of thing. You can find it here:

Just letting you know that I am participating in Inktober this year. I have drawn things for most days this far (I missed day 1), and I will probably submit them soon, but right now life is just a bit chaotic so I haven't posted anything yet. I do exist though, and I still make art.
Hey everyone!

As you might have noticed, it's been very quiet on my deviantart. That doesn't mean I've not been making art! Quite the opposite, I've been studying a ton, I just have nothing I'd consider polished enough to put up here. That said, I'm changing the way I share my art a little bit.

I've recently started to use twitter, so I will use my twitter to share sketches, studies, and any other stuff I consider worth sharing. So if you're interested, follow me on twitter!
I just noticed that this drawing is hilariously relevant in hindsight, with the new episode and all that.

P E A R by Shikogo

And yes I will post some actual art soon. I've actually making tons of sketches, just nothing I'd post here. I have plans for what to do with them. Wait for news. 
Hey all!

Good news! Just like the last few years, I'll be at galacon this year! Not as a vendor or guest of honor or anything fancy like that, just a regular old visitor. That said, if you are going there, keep your eyes open for a skinny guy with a changeling plushie:

MLP Changeling Plush Final by JusticeOfElements

I plan on taking him with me everwhere this year, so he should be a pretty clear indicator that it's me, hehe.

On a completely unrelated note, you may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a while. I've actually been making art (though not as much as I would like to), just not posted most of it for various reasons. Also I've just been busy in general, which made it difficult to make time for art. That said, I have a question for those who actually read journals: Would you be interested in me writing more journals about stuff in general? Right now, I mostly use them for updates on my own art, and news relating to them, but I've had ideas for other things to write about. More philosophical things on art in general, and perhaps other things that I care about.

Would you at all be interested in that kind of stuff? Let me know in the comments. And hope to see some of you at Galacon!
Hey everyone!

I've been silent for a while, so I'll update you with what's been happening. I've started taking an online art course! That's what I've mostly been working on in terms of art. The first thing this course asks you to do is to draw an eye. At the end you do it again, and see how you improved. Here's my first eye.

Eye eye captain by Shikogo

Actually turned out pretty decent, but I can probably do better after some learnification. And also, manage to do something like this without being told every step along the way. I already learned a lot about contrast in the last few days.

Anyway, other than that, I've done some casual sketching. This is why I'm also introducing the sketch dump! Here I will post sketches, generally from my sketch book. This will not happen regularly. I basically will do it whenever I feel like I have something worth sharing, whenever that might be. So here are some sketches I liked:

Untitled by Shikogo
Untitled by Shikogo

Lastly, since I've had some financial problems recently, I took some sketch commissions. These were friends-only though, and either way, all slots have been filled so my commissions are still closed.
That said, I will create a new folder for sketches on my DeviantArt, and begin posting these there soon!

See you around.

I was gonna write this journal at the beginning of the new year. But of course I didn't do that. What happened?

Well, in early December I got a commission. However, due to uni and Christmas I was unable to finish it (or even really start to work on it) at that time. So the new year came around, and I was determined to start working on this thing. And then I got sick. I wasn't able to focus enough to work on an important art piece. Then exams came around, and I had no time whatsoever again. Toward the end of exams I also got sick again, and due to the added stress of exams, it hit me pretty hard this time. I got sicker and sicker and it didn't get better for weeks. Eventually I got diagnosed with sinusitis, and I am now taking antibiotics and they are helping. And so I could finally finish the commission.

So... what now? Well, I'm planning to change a lot of things about how I'm making art and how I'm using deviantart.

First off, for now, commissions are closed. I never officially opened them, but if someone messaged me about them, I'd usually take them. This is now not the case anymore. They are officially closed.

Next, and somewhat relating to the first, I'm going to make more art for myself. A lot of the art I made in the past years was heavily dominated by what I thought people liked rather than what I wanted to make. However, that is not fun at all most of the time, so I'm going to make the art I want to make much more now. This does mean that perhaps the art I make will shift to be be a bit darker or at least more sad (I *do* like to make sad art after all), or maybe it won't. But that's just the thing, I'm not going to commit myself. It will also mean that there likely will be more non-MLP art. There's a lot of things I want to make art for. I will certainly not stop making MLP art, but it will be accompanied by some other stuff.

This will also mean - much more art! I cannot exactly say how much it will be. I'm trying to draw every day, but a lot of this, especially right now, is studies and such, which I am not going to upload to deviantart. However, I'll probably upload more unfinished or unpolished things, so expect more sketches and uncoloured art. This will not take away from the finished art, however it will add a lot more content to my profile.

I think that is all for now. I'm looking forward to making some brand new art!

Have a happy 2017.
Since there's been a lot of silence lately, I thought I'd give a quick update.

I've been taking turns between being busy and being sick, so I didn't really get to make much progress of anything. I am currently working on a commission. Once it is done and posted here, I will post another journal and explaining the journey ahead.

Just letting you all know that I'm not dead! ^_^
Hey everyone!

Exciting news! I made some buttons, and they will be available soon!

There are two ways to get them. Either you get them for free at the Heidelberger Stammtisch on December 3rd in Heidelberg, Germany.
Or you can buy them here, and I'll ship them to you!

These are the available designs:

Pinkie Pie - Hearth's Warmin Eve Button Design! by Shikogo Fluttershy - Hearth's Warming Eve Button Design by Shikogo

And here they are, printed on buttons:

Untitled by Shikogo

The Pinkie Pie one is 56mm (2.2in) and the Fluttershy one is 37mm.

Here's a handy little list of all the important data:

- The Pinkie Button will cost 2€ ($2.12) and the Fluttershy Button will cost 1.50€ ($1.59)
- Shipping within Germany will cost 1.45€, anywhere else 3,70€ ($3.93). The product will be shipped in a bubble wrap envelope.
- Payment via paypal.

I'm taking preorders RIGHT NOW! Note me if you're interested!

After the aforemention meetup (December 3rd), I'll be sending out any leftover buttons that have been preordered already. If that doesn't cover everyone, I'll order a second batch. So order early and you'll get your button ASAP!
Hey all,

it's been a while. I was originally going to write this journal right after Inktober, but... life happened. So anyhow.

Inktober was interesting. This is the 3rd time in a row I participated, and this time, I tried to push myself with every drawing. I ended up spending less time on most drawings than I wanted to (more on that in a bit), but overall, I'm quite happy with it. It really built up the habit of drawing everyday, which I am still doing now (even though it doesn't show as much, since I work on things longer than a day now).

Here are my favorite drawings of this year's Inktober:

Inktober 9: Empathy by Shikogo Inktober 13: Scared by Shikogo Inktober 16: Fun in the Rain by Shikogo Inktober 23: Pace Yourself by Shikogo Inktober 24: A Midnight Flight by Shikogo

That said, a huge shoutout to :iconnatanatfan:. Her art has been a huge inspiration to me throughout the last month (and even now). Her Inktober art was incredible. Do check her out.

5 Sad by NATAnatfan 10 Jump by NATAnatfan 19 Flight by NATAnatfan 22 Little by NATAnatfan

So what's next? Well, as you may have noticed, I've been working on some commission before and after Inktober. Those are put on hold temporarily now, though, as I really wanna sit down and work on some personal projects. And do studies. I haven't done many studies over the past few months. After that, maybe back to commissions? Who knows. It's an interesting road ahead either way. See you there!
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Hey everyone! So, it's that time of the year again!

If you're a long time watcher (I ♥ U), then you're probably already familiar with this, if not, pay attention, this is pretty neat!

Inktober is a yearly community event/challenge, where tons of people come together and draw an inked drawing every day. I've been participating in this the past 2 years (check it out!…), and this year I'm gonna join the fun again! I'm gonna mix up the rules this year though. First, I'm most likely not going 100% traditional this year. I'm still gonna try to do more than half in actual ink (it's good practice!), but I don't want to get rusty. Secondly, I'm gonna follow this year's official prompts!

Prompts List by Shikogo

It's probably gonna be quite a challenge to keep this going every day, since I have a lot of other things on my plate art-wise right now (don't worry, you'll see soon!), but I will deliver every day! And without further ado, here is my first Inktober 2016 drawing. Oh my god it's not a pony.

Inktober 1: Fast Dragon by Shikogo

This was a fun start into Inktober! See you tomorrow with another drawing! :)

UPDATE: Looks like I'll also be participating in CAPs! I'll most likely combine those into one drawing, but we'll see. Today's drawing is retroactively being submitted to the project!
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Hey there!

It's time to write a journal again! It's been quite some time, and some things have been happening that I've been meaning to write about, just never got around to.

First off, a huge thank you to :iconjusticeofelements:! A long time ago, I commissioned a changeling plushie from him, and it was finished about two months ago! Please check it out, and give it some love! (Not that it's not getting enough love from me. It's well fed c:)

MLP Changeling Plush Final by JusticeOfElements

I also couldn't help but notice that it's the exact same size as my Winter Wrap Up Twilight. Shenanigans happened.

Winter Wrap Up Changeling 1 by Shikogo  Winter Wrap Up Changeling 2 by Shikogo I just wanna snuggle him all day.

Next up, another huge thank you to :iconuber--dragon:! He just went above and beyond with his birthday gift for me this year. Again, check it out and show him some love!

Happy Birthday Shikogo by Uber--Dragon

Well, that's it for now. But I feel like there's another journal coming soon™. See you then! :)
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Hey everyone,

I guess I have been very quiet lately. Well, the last weekend, I was at galacon and I was having a wonderful time. Met many people I have only known via the internet, and had a blast. And well, now I'm back at home and post-con depression is hitting hard. Real hard. I've been spending most of the day in bed, doing nothing, hugging plushies, reminiscing about the good times I had, and being sad about the next galacon being so far in the future. Oh well.

I think this is as good as any time to ... clarify a few things. I've been very quiet about pretty much everything, and I think it might be a good idea to just be honest about what is going on and see what's gonna happen. If you don't want to read a ranty, emotional post then stop reading here. Don't worry, you won't miss anything. I'll still love you.

First off, I'm gonna be completely honest about why I stopped writing journals. It's pathetic, but I'm pathetic, so if I wanna be open and genuine, then I gotta tell you this. I was told that writing highly emotional journals, especially if they're depressing like this one, turns people off, and might make them unwatch you. I was very scared of that, and since a lot of my journals probably would've been pretty depressing, I just stopped writing them in general. But here I am, writing one anyway, ready to face the consequences. (Or not. *squeaks*)

As you maybe remember, a while ago (actually, about half a year ago now), I left deviantart; more or less. I wrote a short journal explaining that I need time away from DeviantArt, to make art that's truly my own, instead of catering to an audience. And that actually was the plan. Well, what actually happened is that I stopped drawing in general. My only reason to make pictures was to please other people, in hopes of (yes I'm still pathetic) them getting popular. Not only did almost none of my drawings manage to do that in the first place, I didn't have that as a possible goal anymore when I stopped posting to deviantart. So soon, I stopped drawing in general.

But I can't quit drawing. I've tried so many times, but quitting just... doesn't work. When I draw, I feel terrible for making bad art. When I don't draw, I feel terrible for not making art. In either case, I get jealous at people who do better than I. Especially when those have only drawn for a year or two, where I've been drawing for around 8 years and I still feel like an incompetent idiot compared to them. So I go from not drawing to not drawing because I feel terrible because I'm not doing anything, to quitting drawing again because I am frustrated and sad about how everyone seems to be learning so much faster than I am, in sort of a twisted merrygoround.

I have not yet figured out how I will deal with this. I guess my first step is being upfront with you guys. I like being honest with everyone and anyone who has met me in person can attest to that. So heavily censoring myself in my journals was bound to make me unhappy. The same thing is more or less happening in my art. I'm not really making the art I want to make anymore; instead, I make the art that I believe is most likely to resonate with people, especially the people that already follow me. I believe that for a lot of reasons, including my happiness and the quality of my art, I need to start trying to make the art I want to make instead of the art that I believe "sells". However, I have no idea how to do that yet.

I guess that's all that I have to say for now. Sorry if this journal bothered you. I guess I needed to get this off my chest.

Stay fluffy.
~ Shikogo

What's Going On

Sat Mar 12, 2016, 1:15 AM
Hey everyone,

this is just a quick update on what I've been doing and why there hasn't been an update for six weeks. If you're not interested in that, feel free to skip this journal. :P

It started when I caught the flu in february, which knocked me out for two weeks. After that, I made a decision: I will withdraw from Deviantart for a while. I'm still active here mind you, looking at art, but I won't be posting anything for some time. I've been very unhappy with where my art was going, and I feel like I've been letting myself influence too heavily by what might get me faves, or watchers, or whatever.

So right now I'm exploring what kind of art I do want to make. I cannot tell how long this will take yet... but I'm making progress. So... eventually I'll start posting here again, I just don't know when, yet. Thanks for everyone that sticks around.


Why Art Trades Are Awesome

Sun Feb 14, 2016, 8:49 PM
Rainbow Dash finds a Potato by ShikogoPotato finds a Rainbow Dash by ChickenSteve

Letting it go.

Tue Jan 19, 2016, 6:06 PM
It's a purge deviant. He's peaceful, and then, you know, he just purges.

It's about that time. Been coming for a few years, but been more and more urgent to me lately. A large amount of my drawings (~100) are now gone. They are not *gone* gone though. MOST of them have been moved into my scraps, some into storage.

This is kind of an ongoing process. As I find drawings I don't like, especially if they're very old, I'll move them into my scraps or storage.

Now I have a really-not-all-that clean slate. Onwards to the future!

PS: More art is coming. Big art is coming. Be prepared.

Thank You!

Fri Jan 8, 2016, 8:51 PM
The year is just a bit older than a week, and I've already got a great announcement to make: I have reached 200 watchers!

Well, technically, at the time of writing this, it's 207. Thank all of you! Your support means a lot to me, and I really hope you stick around and keep enjoying the stuff I make.

The reason I'm writing this announcement so late is that shortly before I hit the milestone, I started working on somehting, and put quite a bit more work into it than originally planned. Without further ado...
Thank You for 200 Watchers! by Shikogo

Thank you!


In other news, that Changeling's name is now Sheila. My OC still needs a name, and a cutie mark... Feel free to suggest things in the comments.

Looking back, looking forward.

Thu Dec 31, 2015, 6:22 AM
Everyone is doing these super long journals, but I'm gonna keep it short.

Those who know me know that this wasn't an easy year for me. Depression hit me hard for at least half of the year, and made me stop drawing for more than 6 months. But thanks to the unwavering support of :iconflowbish::icongyroc:, :iconqtluna:,  :iconviwrastupr:, :iconeytosh:, :iconjusticeofelements: and many more, I managed to fight my way out of it.

I'm making art again, and for the first time in... I don't know, many years, I'm finally enjoying it again. So thank you.

Hope you all have a wonderful year.

Post-Stream report

Mon Dec 28, 2015, 9:12 AM
Whoo-wee that was a long stream today! With just a bit over 3h my longest stream this year. I think I made some real progress with my Big Project™. It will probably end up on DeviantArt today or tomorrow.

I did some sketch requests before and after the stream again. As usual, you can find them in my scraps or on tumblr..

28.12.2015 Stream Sketches by Shikogo

So if you're interested in these, maybe consider watching my scraps, or following me on tumblr. :)

Thanks to everyone who watched!

I have a tumblr.

Sun Dec 27, 2015, 4:40 PM
I feel like not a lot of people know this, but I have a tumblr that I post all the art I also post here, plus a lot of sketches that never make it here. I've now started also uploading sketches to the scraps, but if you want an easy way to access all of my not-so-serious art, go here!

Also, a friend and me founded a group, deticated to cute little changelings. Please join us! :D


I also took advantage of the Core winter sale. As you can see, I have a journal skin now. I think it's pretty.