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So, I'm going to make my list of conventions that I'm attending/or planning to attend this year, dependent on funds, work, timing, etc.

I am available to be booked as a photographer for ALL of them.
I only officially open bookings about a month or so ahead of the convention, however, if you're definitely interested, let me know as soon as you can so we can keep in touch.

Bolded are confirmed and ready to book! c:
Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA)
New York Comic Con (NYCC)

Please feel free to visit my cosplay photography website which is more concise than my deviantart:
Cosplay Photography Portfolio

Most of my cosplay shoots are private, paid shoots to ensure the best quality, to cover my costs to get to the convention or covers my working hours and travel to an on-location or studio shoot.  This is the field I went to school for! ;0

I offer at convention private shoots, studio shoots, and on-location editorial style shoots for cosplay.  I also do light to fashion retouching of my own or others' commissioned photos.  They all vary in prices and options, but you can message me any questions and I'll be happy to answer.

I occasionally do free shoots if I really love the costume and have my own personal ideas, you will specifically know though if I do.

In general, I'm professional, hard working and try to be super kind to all my clients.  I've had a lot of repeat bookings because cosplayers felt super comfortable or encouraged by me.  Remember, I'm also a cosplayer, so I know how it feels to be in your position.

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Hello everyone!

How're you all?  (◕‿◕✿)

I just wanted to let people know I do commissions, and also I'm doing a special commission price/timing on Psylocke commissions.

If you're an XXS-M size (just make sure you know your measurements), I can do one or two Psylocke commissions (of my same cosplay) at a discounted price due to overstocked fabric and a week off from school/work.  I already have experience making two of these cosplays (one for me, one for a client), so it'll look even more finished than mine.  

You can do it through etsy or just messaging/emailing me!  
[ purchase on etsy here ]

Psylocke conceptual space by ShikiUta   Psylocke by ShikiUta

If ordered soon enough, it can possibly be finished within 1 week and then shipped out priority!

Feel free to message me with any details or interests in this particular commission or for other ones (whether it be props, cosplays, etc.)!  Remember this is still a custom made cosplay, I just have enough fabric for these sizes at a good deal/fast timing.

I can also do the special discount with XS-S Young Kushina from Naruto cosplays due to similar reasons.  I've only made this for others, but my client was super happy with it, and I have a total system of making it look cool~  Also feel free to message me about any other Naruto cosplays since I won't really make them for myself, but enjoy working on them for commissions c:

With commissions, I just require a retainer payment of about half of the final estimate + your measurements before I begin.  I use etsy, paypal or square for this!  And I love when people send me pictures of them in it when they receive the finished product <3

Thank you c:

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Hello everyone~~

Just wanted to do an introductory about me post.

I'm a photographer with my soon to be BFA in a couple months.  I normally shoot fashion and portraiture, but due to my other nerdy hobbies, I also shoot cosplay portraits.  This happened when I combined my major with some of my hobbies: cosplay.  I've been cosplaying and attending conventions all over the country for a good few years on & off.

I love meeting new people in the field, whether photographers, cosplayers, other artists, etc.  I also really want to start cosplaying more with other people at various cons rather than just my local ones.  I feel like that's a fun experience I've had before and want to continue.  I also do commissions!

I also am open to shooting cosplay and am often available for bookings outside of or during conventions.  Just be on the lookout for my convention schedules or feel free to message me at any time.

I'm super friendly, enthusiastic, and absolutely love cats & frogs.

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