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Hello everyone~~

Just wanted to do an introductory about me post.

I'm a photographer with my soon to be BFA in a couple months.  I normally shoot fashion and portraiture, but due to my other nerdy hobbies, I also shoot cosplay portraits.  This happened when I combined my major with some of my hobbies: cosplay.  I've been cosplaying and attending conventions all over the country for a good few years on & off.

I love meeting new people in the field, whether photographers, cosplayers, other artists, etc.  I also really want to start cosplaying more with other people at various cons rather than just my local ones.  I feel like that's a fun experience I've had before and want to continue.  I also do commissions!

I also am open to shooting cosplay and am often available for bookings outside of or during conventions.  Just be on the lookout for my convention schedules or feel free to message me at any time.

I'm super friendly, enthusiastic, and absolutely love cats & frogs.

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