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Aero Patch W7Starter and Basic v1.4

Next version of Aero Patch W7Starter and Basic v1.4.
Disable WAT message:
"This copy of Windows is not genuine".
Run EXE as Administrator!

Before installation remove previous version!
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Good job shikharev! patch worked!

How to remove this?

I have an old Windows 7 basic 64 bit

It just creates entries in context menu which look like "Appearance" related butjust opens "My documents"

How can I download it ?

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Very  useful,  thanks.
La verdad es que no encuentro en el enlace de la descarga. pero seguramente está
how can i download aero effect? pls help
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Up right DOWNLOAD button!
how can in download it
thanks my friend
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Hello, Shikharev.

Your patch ruined my laptop. :)

I have an Acer Aspire one, and this patch worked before I factory restored this laptop because the last owner didn't know how to. Now, for some fucked up reason, It won't work no matter how often I "Run as Administrator".
Also, I don't know what you mean by "Before installation remove previous version!" Previous version of WHAT? Complete your sentence.

Now, please try to find a solution to a problem that YOUR PRODUCT HAS CREATED.

I was able to change my desktop background before your patch. Now, I have to backup my shit and do another factory restore.
Thanks for everything.
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well maybe try to be more careful before you download something from the internet
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I am careful. I YouTube things to watch ppl use it. I'm not stupid.
Thanks for the concern, stranger.
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rightio. it didn't work for me because the personalisation panel stated that this panel is not available for your version of windows.
didn't whinge though because i didn't expect it to work.
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norton says its not safe
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the download button isnt working :/

EDIT: nevermind, got it 0_0
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how can i download aero effect? pls help
How Can I download it?
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