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Orribu is a 28-year-old cat lady who likes to draw and tell stories. She also likes to stream recently since this whole quarantine thing started. She's engaged to @anxiou and has a pet vacuum cleaner named Ash.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
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Photoshop; Clip Studio Paint; Wacom Intuos Pro; Wacom Cintiq 13HD; Animate

Oh Shit

Oh Shit

Uh...hey. It's been a little bit, hasn't it? I've been busy. Yep! You see, ever since early April, I've gone down the rabbit hole of streaming on Twitch. It's been a blast, I have to say! I think it's pulled me out of whatever crappy art block I was in for such a long time. And now, another source of motivation has entered the fray: Art Fight. So now??? I'm streaming AND working on Art Fight attacks! I know this has been done, but like...hear me out. This time last year I was struggling to do one attack, let alone 30. o_o If any of you are Art Fighting this year and want to trade blows, let me know! I'm orribu on AF, Team Sugar. Team Spice is kicking our asses. =_= So...shucks. How've you been? Any new work or accomplishments you're proud of? Please share with me! I miss youse so much. <3

Orribu Streams (OFFLINE!)

Orribu Streams (OFFLINE!)

Status: OFFLINE Hey, luffs! I've updated my stream schedule. From here on out during lockdown or w/e you wanna call it, I'll be streaming Monday - Friday at 3pm Pacific time. Save this link or give me a follow if you're up for it! ;w; <3

It's Close Enough to Spring, Right?

It's Close Enough to Spring, Right?

It's close enough to spring, right? When's the Spring Equinox? e_e Oh gosh, hello. How are you all doing? I'm hanging in there. My head is spinning. There's so much happening recently. Let's check the laundry list, shall we? Rose for Shurinai Chapter 2!? Oh yeah. Chapter 2 of Rose for Shurinai launches next Friday, March 13th. I don't know if that's a good omen or ill, but I'm excited and hoping that you guys will like it. To peek behind the curtain, I've only some 18 out of 50 pages ready, but I'm gunning to have a steady update schedule. Fridays! Fridays! Fridays! Tell your friends! Where can you read it, you ask? You can read it: Here, o

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;w;; Thank you for the watch back. I'm really happy to have such a talented mutual!

...the happiest of birthdays to you...may the coming year be joyful and prosperous...X3
orribuHobbyist Digital Artist
Ayyy thank you so much for the wishes! ;w; <3
I hope you're doing well! <3
Tribble-IndustriesHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!
orribuHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha thanks so much! And not a problem, I can dig a clone trooper cake! >:3 <3
Tribble-IndustriesHobbyist General Artist

Shovels not included, sorry. XD.

You are welcome.

Oh one question what is your favorite color?

orribuHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh darn it, lol

My fave color's bright green, like yellow-greens :3