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Patchouli Knowledge Cosplay Shot

ジか〜昨年夏コミでROMにこれくらいの露出は入れてたけど問題なかったから大丈夫かな??(@@; )
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woow O.o <3 <3 <3 <3

queen of sexy tease :)
So close to seeing the goods...
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buzz off you prude, it's not like you're seeing anything more than you would see at the beach <_<
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People wear clothes at the beach for a start, annnddd this has sexual themes soo
Dennis-kun's avatar
let's say someone had a bikini fetish, per definition, that would make everyone at the beach fall within their "sexual theme", also, underwear still is clothing.
at least bring some actual arguments to the table.
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This needs a mature tag due to its sexual themes. 
So what you're saying is she looks better than you.
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hahahaha what how old are you 
So near yet so far
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OH JUST PEE 4 UR STUPID SAKE! like a dog ??????????????? woof woof
oh my goddess! and to think I would die without tasting the flavours of your body... I need to know what does your sex taste like! 
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Looks exactly like a anime chicks body!! I thought that the anime bodies are too sexy to be real but now... :love:
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Hey, uh, I lost my nose bleed a few pictures ago. Can I borrow yours?
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I never thought I'd see it. A real life anime body. Mother of dear gawd x.X PervyMoni Nosebleed 
I've never seen a body so flawless. That's just... perfect.
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i'd gladly bury my face in there
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