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It was announced today that Microsoft marked MS Paint as a deprecated program, which means it's not going to be developed anymore and, eventually, might be removed from Windows in future releases. Sad dummy Source
As a pixel artist, and for having used it since my childhood, this breaks my heart.

Yes, it will be available in the Windows Store at some point soon, for free - I heard the news. I have it disabled though, I just don't like it. I reckon this journal is still relevant to those who want older versions or simply don't wan't to fuss with Windows Store.

I've seen people asking around if someone had these older versions, and I provided it to a few myself - only my personal WinXP version, in Portuguese, though.
But today I've done something different: I got the Win95, Win98 and WinXP versions in English and will be providing it for everyone who wants/needs it, in this post! :D (Big Grin)
(You should be able to get them by yourself if you want to fiddle with these OSs ISOs, too. I got most of them from WinWorldPC)

Edit: I was able to get Windows Vista and 10 versions too, the W10 one in English, Portuguese and Japanese! Woooo! Also, I've included a brief tutorial of how to backup your own mspaint if you're using newer Windows versions.
Edit 2: Added Internet Archive download links!
Edit 3: Added Windows 7 version - thanks, stu-arts!
Edit 4: Updated Windows 10 version with French (fr-FR) translation - thanks, Entrivax!
Edit 5: Changed Google Drive links.
Edit 6: Added Paintbrush from Windows 3.1/NT - thanks, sonatamartica!

There are a few links for each, but you just have to download one - they're simply mirrors, just in case.
They're in .zip format, you should be able to extract them without problems in any folder you like.

Windows 98 Icon ultramini WINDOWS 3.1/NT (144kb, 308kb extracted)
note: only dropbox link currently.

Windows 98 Icon ultramini WINDOWS 95 (427kb, 928kb extracted)
note: there are a few additional Windows DLLs with it. I couldn't make it run without them.
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Windows 98 Icon ultramini WINDOWS 98 (225kb, 432kb extracted)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Windows WINDOWS XP (149kb, 335kb extracted)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Flag of Brazil WINDOWS XP in Brazilian Portuguese (151kb, 338kb extracted)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Windows Server 2008 Icon ultramini WINDOWS VISTA in US English (225kb, 528kb extracted)
note: If it doesn't work in your PC because you use another language, try renaming the en-US folder to the code of the language you use (eg: pt-BR, ja-jp...)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Windows Vista / 7 (button) Icon ultramini  WINDOWS 7 in US English (2.71mb, 6.42mb extracted)
note: If it doesn't work in your PC because you use another language, try renaming the en-US folder to the code of the language you use (eg: pt-BR, ja-jp...)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

Windows 8.1 Icon ultramini WINDOWS 10 in GB English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and French  (2.76mb, 6.62mb extracted)
note: If it doesn't work in your PC because you use another language, try renaming the en-GB folder to the code of the language you use (eg: en-US, pt-BR, ja-jp...)
Mega4sharedGoogle DriveDropbox Archive

You might have to run them in Compatibility Mode. I tried to get the WinME version too, but I couldn't make it run on my PC, so I left it out. If I get other versions, I will post them here as well.

HOW TO BACKUP YOUR OWN MSPAINT (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)
Thanks to user icecapman10 on reddit, I figured out how to backup newer versions of MS Paint. Yay!
  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32
  2. Copy mspaint.exe and the folder of the language you use on your PC (eg: PT-BR, en-US, en-GB, ja-jp...)
  3. Paste both in a new folder, anywhere you want
  4. Go into the language folder and delete everything but the file mspaint.exe.mui
  5. You're done, enjoy!

I hope that helps! Lots of love from a fellow pixel artist and mspaint fan. Heart 

If any of these links gets broken or is wrong, please let me know! Just leave a comment on this post and I should see it.
(Yes, I reckon can provide these, as they're becoming abandonwares. Plus, it's mspaint, harmless lol)

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i realise this is old, but i have a copy of "paintbrush" from 3.1 that runs on windows 10 (actually the windows NT version but functions identically) if you wanna add it?

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Oh, that sounds awesome! Could you provide me a link, please? Thank you!

Edit: Just saw it, thanks :)

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Any oportunity to get previous versions? Like paintbrush (MS Paint previous name). I was seeing Windows 3.11 stuff. I will try to find for you. If I found you can upload them?

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I was pretty much done with gathering versions, though. The older ones would have to be emulated in a virtual machine to work, I thought it wasn't really worth the hassle, as these links are just a repository for pixel artists in general.
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ah oki :) yes, but dosbox is enought to emulate  them I think :) don't worry :D  Cthulhu cute Icon (animation) 
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I'm glad to see that it will continue to exist in a different form. Going to have to back up my copy just in case. While I don't draw on MS Paint, I do use it to do quick saves of WIPs of stuff I'm working on plus I use it to save images off the internet if it's something I can't save on it's own lol
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I reckon just for saving screenshots you can use Paint 3D maybe? But the original mspaint seems to be way simpler and quicker to do it, so yes, do backup yours! :)
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(just a little comment): I find impressive that Windows don't have a built-on screenshoter, and they didn't have one but I think in W10 there is one right? I feel clumsy when I am on windows having to opening paint while in my computer I have the screenshoter as an independent yet integrated aplication...
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Yes, there's a built-in screenshot shortcut on W10, but I pesonally don't use it hahah
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well, but it shows you the screenshot after or saves automatically?

I mean, like this  Pantallazo del 2017-08-21 13:14:37 by linux-rules 
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You hit the Windows key + PrintScreen and it saves automatically in Pictures/Screenshots
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ah, ok ;) lets hope I don't have to remember that combination though :D
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I was sadden by the news too MS paint my number 1 program I used the others are just as backup for adding patterns only.
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That's so nice of you shii, you are the best <3
RIP MS Paint always in our hearts
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Valeu, Shii!!!! <3
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Thanks this is helpful at the least. :D
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Glad to be helpful! :D
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IDK if you know but

Bvbb by F-Ioweress
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I know, and the post was already updated accordingly, even before you commented :)
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in the shop. they can drop it as they wish. They didn't took back the thing about not bundling in the OS. Anyway, MS Paint is overrated
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