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MLP Base 137



*Download for best quality*

Point Right Credit me and Hasbro
Point Right Take your time (More then 5 minutes)
Point Right You can change the gender and add/remove a horn and/or wings

You no longer have to link back your base edit(s). If you mention me in the Deviation description

[Meaning you properly credit me, such as :dev soulful-bases: or :icon soulful-bases: without the spaces]

I will see it thanks to the Mentions system!

Free to use if you follow the rules listed above

Original Image: Off the Wiki
MLP: FiM© Hasbro
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© 2013 - 2021 ShiiBases
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Flagged as Spam. Do not post chainmail on my bases. It isn't real I hope you realize this
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Hey, I was going to ask if I may use this in my recent speedpaint as I have been receiving copyright claims and wish to ask permission.
ShiiBases's avatar
Sure just credit the base in the description
Souls-and-Flowers's avatar
mind if I pair two of your NMM bases in one picture?
Original-HedgeCat's avatar
I might use it again in the future when creating the new version of this
EspyFur's avatar
This base totaly reminds me of an enderman from minecraft :XD:
PrincessIndigoAria's avatar Finding bases for this oc is HARD.
Thanks a bunch! :D
ShiiBases's avatar
I know what you mean xD I have a OC with Nightmare Moon's build myself. It's difficult finding bases of her. Thanks for using!
PrincessIndigoAria's avatar
I know, right?
I don't know what program you use for editing, but if I wanna make a base doll for Circuit here, it requires A TON OF LAYERS. 
Also, there is not a lot of tall alicorn bases. I'm trying to fix that. I'm not too confident in terms of basing, though...
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I use Paint Tool SAI
PrincessIndigoAria's avatar
I'm a Paint.Net user...
because Photoshop is for noobs. Or something. I dunno.
Anyways, thank you. You can expect top notch basework from me.
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