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The Na'vi Connection

Painting of a screen still from the movie Avatar, the Na'vi Neytiri. I'm so impressed with that movie and it's shiny pretty everythings. But me and my friend are really interested in the Na'vi people and the unique connections they can make with their animals and plants.

Whoa! I can't get over how much people like this! Paintings like this are not something I post normally since it's pretty much a copy of an image but maybe I'll post more from now on~
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how did you do the glowing thing with the eywa tree
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I watched a little of this movie the last time I went to visit my mother. I really should find a copy one of these days, to watch it in its entirety. Seemed interesting.

I like this rendition.
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CONGRATULATIONS! We have picked your artwork titled "THE NA'VI CONNECTION" as our FEATURED ART OF THE WEEK.[link] :D

:clap: :winner: :w00t:
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OME :la::la: you're AMAZING
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omg you are now one of my FAVOURITE artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love dis sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! <3
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Oh My Gosh! This is amazing!
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Couldn't believe this was a painting!
At first glance I thought it was an image from the movie! :D
gimpZora's avatar her :)
amazing work!
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The Na'vi have free internetz.
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Gaia is crappy compared to Eywa.
Oh My God, this is absolutely amazing!
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the connection that they make with everything, Neytiri said it was a Heilu (hei lu, haylu, idk how to spell it lol)
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
That would be Tsaheylu
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ya, there you go!
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If there's a such thing as reincarnation, I'd go for Na'vi. Pandora is simply so amazing.
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Beautifully done!
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Tsaheylu :) The Bond <3
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I can see you put lots of work in it... well done!
Oh my goodness...i literally signed up for this website just so that i could comment on this is the most beautiful piece of art i have ever have some serious skill! this painting is now my background on my computer. I have been searching google for a good pic and i was so sick of everyone posting themselves as na'vi and then i saw your painting and i thought it was a legit picture from the movie...KEEP POSTING YOUR PAINTINGS! they are amazing and i wish i had that kind of skill!!! keep on painting!!!
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this is beautiful, thank you :hug:
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This has been featured on my page in AVATAR: Feature. Really great painting!
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