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Some things you need to know about me: My name -- er, username -- is ShigureTheProtector, obviously judging by my name above. I'm also known as HellhoundMutt. I'm a young actress that stars in plays that my mom directs and I live in New York. I've had this account since October 2008.
Back then, I changed my mind about wanting an account here because I couldn't draw anything, and I tried to delete it, but I found out that you can't delete your account here, so I logged off and stopped uploading stuff here.
Back in the beginnings of 2012 or 2011, I had at some point decided that I wanted my account back because I've started to draw again.

I seem to be getting better with drawing dogs (mostly German Shepherds and Salukis at the moment), but I will try to draw cats, humans, different breeds of dogs, different species of animals, backgrounds, objects and my favorite fantasy creatures: Hellhounds.
I'm also in the process of writing a supernatural/adventure series of books called "Red Fire", a 7-volumed saga about bravery, sacrifice, redemption, war, bigotry, companionship, rejection and acceptance. I plan to hopefully publish it in the future and probably also adapt it into a comic either before or after I publish the "Red Fire" novel saga.

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"Relinquish the past and move on."

-- ShigureTheProtector/HellhoundMutt.
So I finished watching the season finale. It was so much worse than I thought.
This really fucking sucked. I mean, I read the leak before this episode aired, so I was expecting the awful ending, but here are my thoughts.
Omg, Jaime and Cersei are DEAD?? Why am I not surprised? I mean, they only got crushed by thousands upon thousands of bricks from the ceiling caving in. Did any fan honestly believe Jaime would've survived that? XD I will admit that the scene here was nice and well-acted on Peter Dinklage's part, since Jaime was the only one in House Lannister who never hated him.
So Dany is officially the Mad Queen, and wants to liberate everyone and everything on the planet. Wow, I'm so shocked. And omg, for Jon to try and justify everything Dany had done to the people of King's Landing last episode baffles the shit out of me. Jon, you SAW what she was doing! WHY the fuck are you trying to justify the things she had done, just because you love her?? WTF?! XD
Jon killing Dany was well-acted and the music score was wonderful. I could tell that Dany wanted a future with him, and Jon didn't want to have to kill her, but had to. Like being forced to put down a rabid dog or something. If this had better writing, it would've been far more powerful, even if I'm not a fan of their rushed incestuous relationship, and it's a shame because Kit Harrington and Emilia gave it their all during this scene. Still, I couldn't feel anything for her when she died. Also, I kinda laughed when Drogon carried Dany's body away. It's like, where the heck is he going? XD To hide the evidence?? And why didn't he care about Jon killing her? Why did he destroy the throne anyway? Oh right, to look cool.
Also, during the council, where the heck did Edmure Tully come from and why didn't we SEE him getting rescued by Arya last season when she killed the Freys? I completely forgot all about him (and Robyn Arryn), so when I saw him get up to speak, I was like, "Wait, who're you?" That is, until Sansa addressed him as "uncle".
Also, I really wish I could've seen a point in this season earlier of Yara learning about Theon's death. Seriously. Yes, I'm still salty about that. I like how we don't ever see Yara again after this council meeting. We don't ever see or hear her reactions to Theon's and Euron's deaths, and what happens to the Iron Islands? What happens to her?? What?? It really seems to show how much D&D seemed to care about the Greyjoy's. =.=
And who cannot forget the coronation of Bran Stark? I was laughing! XD "All Hail Bran the Broken, First of His Name, King of the Cripples and the First Wheelchair, Lord of the Six Kingdoms, and Protector of the Rams!" XD I'm sorry, I know this is supposed to be serious, but I can't take this seriously. I CANNOT BELIEVE that this leak was true, I just can't. I couldn't believe at how STUPID this would get. When I read that the leak to this episode may have been false, I was hoping, just HOPING that it would be. But, no. I'm seeing the real thing. And Bran being King totally contradicts his constant telling of everybody that he didn't want it. =.= It's so dumb. GENDRY should be King since he's a Baratheon!
Jon saying goodbye to his sisters and brother was well-done and emotional, and reminded me a bit of the end to Lord of the Rings, which is honestly even more depressing to think about. If the last few seasons and this one were better, I probably would've been crying at this scene. Brienne of Tarth editing Jaime's section of the book of records could have been so much stronger if his death hadn't sacrificed his EIGHT SEASONS of development. The "A Song of Ice and Fire" records as such a cheap rip-off of Lord of the Rings and it falls flat because the Battle of Ice and Fire was so easily won.
Sansa becoming Queen in the North was fine and dandy, but she was also partially responsible for Dany going Mad Queen on everyone's asses and burning everything down. The fact that Sansa never once got called out for all the scheming she's done, never telling Jon about the Knights of the Vale coming in Season 6 for whatever reason and costing the life of her brother Rickon in the process (which made about as much sense as Holdo not telling Poe Dameron about her 'plan or lack thereof in TLJ), her disliking of Dany and Jon's (albeit rushed as hell) relationship causing Dany to turn Mad Queen, etc, is ridiculous. And why is Arya just going to go off on her own after just coming home? I mean, I don't really mind it too much since being a lady wasn't her, and she seems to be the type of person who'd go on another adventure, but it still feels a little weird. I did like that the camera kept cutting away to see each of them going their own paths.
And, well... At least Jon gave Ghost a proper greeting, which begs the question of WHY they didn't let him do that in the last bloody episode. It was literally the only part of this episode when I actually started getting teary-eyed, seeing Jon and Sansa and Arya going their own ways, and seeing Jon get down and pet and stroke Ghost's floofy head after that pathetic rude OOC moment last episode.
Why the hell did Jon return to the Wall?? Defending the realm from the White Walkers was the purpose of the Night's Watch, but now that the White Walkers are dead (and way too early, yeah, I'm still sour about that >:L), Castle Black and the Night's Watch means nothing anymore! Hell, there's barely even a Night's Watch now since most of them died in the last season. Is he going to become the next Mance Rayder? Why didn't anyone mention Jon in the council when they were deciding who'd be the rightful king? And what especially annoys me is that Jon doesn't seem to be tremendously affected by anything he learned about himself, about his true lineage and that his whole life was based on one big lie. I thought he was going to visibly struggle with himself through the rest of the season until the episode before the finale and slowly come to terms with his Targaryen bloodline, or have some sort of identity-crisis. With something that big kept hidden from him by the most honorable man in Westeros, his father Ned Stark, you'd expect the series to show him actually struggle with himself and come to grips with it. But of course we get nothing, because OMG we have one more episode left so let's rush through everything. And WHAT was he brought back to life for again?? What was R + L = J?? What was the importance of the Prince That Was Promised??
And is this the bittersweet ending we were all promised?? It didn't feel like a bittersweet ending to me. What was so "bitter" about it? The fact that Dany died? I didn't care about her dying, because her Mad Queen status was so rushed in the last episode and we should've sympathized for her when she died, to have seen her go from this ruler that had potential for greatness to a near split-image of her father, after trying to convince people over and over again that she wasn't like him.
This season was such a train-wreck. They eviscerated the world-building and story-lines that were built-up since the very first episode of Season 1 in favor of 'avoiding the expected', and they botched the majority of the characters' arcs (though Theon's was already kinda botched since Season 5, with his identity-arc in the books turning into a redemption arc, so I've heard from fellow Theon-fans and book-readers). Jon's entire arc is thrown out the window in favor of subverting expectations and him fucking Dany and saying "Ur muh kween" and "I dun' wun' it :[" over and over, while Jaime's arc of seeing Cersei for who she truly is (a controlling bitch) and becoming the man he needed to be is thrown out the window in favor of turning him back into the very same guy from Season 1. Even Sandor Clegane started off in S7 moving on from revenge to suddenly going to get revenge again. While it was fun to watch him and Arya (and later, him and Sansa) interact together again, him wanting revenge again completely goes against his development in favor of a fulfilling the Cleganebowl for fan-service. Also, this is a bit of a nit-pick, but where the heck did the horse go? The white horse Arya mounted and rode off at the end of the last episode? It's suddenly gone and she's back in King's Landing at the beginning? I thought she was leaving? What?? Ret-con, much?

I really hope the ending to the books isn't like this. If GRRM ever gets to finish them. I really wish I could have more positives to say about this episode, but I can't. So I will say the positives about seeing this show as a whole.
As much as I hated the last few episodes of this season, the show as a whole helped me get better ideas for my own fictional worlds and, while I still get envious from time to time, taught me that worlds don't always have to be black-and-white. There are the grey sides of humanity that I don't think many people of today want to accept. Not everybody is one thing or another thing. I wouldn't have considered creating morally-complex characters without this show and I never would've wanted to take the types of risks this show and the books it was based on had taken. As much as I wish I could've watched this show from the day it first aired, I'm glad I got to watch the show from beginning to end... even if I feel like my investment in this show was late, having gotten invested while Season 6 was airing.
I still got to spend time in a creative world with memorable complex characters I will be able to remember for years, and I am glad that it brought joy to people in bad times, myself included. Thank you to the actors and actresses who succeeded in bringing the characters to life. Thank you to the directors and George R.R. Martin for the breathtaking earlier seasons, thank you to the sound-design crew and special-effects team for bringing the supernatural creatures, the direwolves and dragons to life, and thank you to Ramin Djwadi for creating an unforgettable soundtrack. And most important of all, thank you to George R. R. Martin for creating an amazing unique world filled with strong, complex, interesting, realistic characters people around the world came to love and care about, something that I can only hope of one day reaching.

Even if the last few seasons sucked big-time, I do hope that somewhere something good will come from it. Bad-writing can help people learn the difference between the good and the bad. Without bad-writing in the world, nobody would be able to improve.
I would like this disappointing ending and this disappointing season to be a lesson to those who write or aim to write good stories. Try not to make the same mistakes these seasons did. Don't cheat the audience or the readers with shocking swerves, don't suddenly subvert expectations if you don't have a proper set-up to begin it or a satisfying payoff to end it, don't rush your story in order to get to the end.
Since I still have times almost every day where I am down about my writing, I want to try to turn my disappointment in this season finale into something positive for my writing in the future. The failures of some bad writers can give way to the successes of other good writers. It's just a shame that such a great show like Game of Thrones had to start off with bang, only to end with a whimper. And I'm sorry if this journal ended up being all over the place.
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