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Sarah (Forty-Fathoms) is still sick, but she's progressively getting better so I'm guessing your prayers are working. My hope is that if we all keep praying she'll be back to healthy in not time. At the same time she's also having issues with her computer/internet so.

I'd like to feature some more artwork this week so here we go.

Edward Scissorhands by Embers Tabby Cat by InjectVibrancy Leah by candarama Jessica by CaroleHumphreys Enlightened by Truyen Snow by Truyen Leonardo DiCaprio 2 by bonitataylor Dreams of a rainbow by Zindy Twilight- Edward and Bella by R-becca Mr Orange by encore Little miss by monster242 My white angel:::.... by tagl Blush by MiaLuyando :thumb110202068: :thumb110258898: can you handle luv by BrokenViolet :thumb105003776: Cold Soldier by Avogel57 The Face by ckoffler :thumb110205817: Dali - Pencil by ckoffler Daydreaming by NutLu Heath by ffxauron SW Galaxy Return 1 by gattadonna :thumb94002598: The Angel by worthgold Joker... by AlanRodriguez :thumb110307505: hellboy by EatToast Ghost In The Shell - Major by Tseimar Jaina Solo by SvenjaLiv Hayley Williams by Hansura :thumb102176040: :thumb90518287: :thumb93567228: Heath and Heather by Frodos ealhan by molokolo rocio by molokolo Athena Goddess of Wisdom by DarkGuardiann Hayden Panettiere FINAL by Bastiensburg :thumb79529910: in_rainbows by molokolo jake by molokolo Xena by DarkGuardiann :thumb77541595: Natalie Portman by Bastiensburg Aerith - How Are You? - 2 by Keynan :thumb108059087: :thumb108058656: :thumb97796813: :thumb108056986: :thumb92892809: Khan by Dabull04 Angelina Jolie - orange by petiteophelia orange and blue by classina :thumb109900234: Joker by appleFei You are my life by Eireen -L- by EatToast Creature by mad-snaiL Russian roulette. by Lady2 Stunning by kkkkalinka Angelina Jolie by NoName-Face Angelina Jolie. by jessie145 Jason Bourne by Joruji eyes closed by xmama Robert and Kristen by NoName-Face Avril Lavigne 2 by NoName-Face Avril Lavigne by NoName-Face Brad Pitt by NoName-Face Natalie Imbruglia by NoName-Face :rainbows: by Un-divine :thumb59590912: Disarm by ThePix How to save a life by jessie145 Close your eyes, freckles by jessie145 What Kate Did by jessie145 :thumb94392745: :thumb110446656: :thumb82934045: Roar by GabrielleBrickey :thumb110553994: Deadpool ATC Colors by DKuang Heath,no more beautiful smile by BlueZest Heath Ledger, 1979-2008 by BlueZest Sing me those colors by LunaPlina :thumb110701763: Say it out loud by MagDa-LeNaa Synthetic Death by R151n9 March of the DEAD by DementedInk Bruce Willis by knathe25 Chris Brown by knathe25 Drawing - Tiger by fernandasabaudo Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft by Snow-Owl :thumb37254925: angelina jolie by aramismarron :thumb62675079: :thumb75471625: Clint Eastwood by Art15 Angelina Jolie by Per-Svanstrom :thumb10260535: Angelina Jolie - graphite 1 by Art15 Bruce Lee by Art15 ANGELINA JOLIE - PORTRAIT by tomjogi Catwoman - Batman Returns by Art15 NATALIE  IMBRUGLIA by tomjogi JAMES DEAN by tomjogi Feather Look by Snow-Owl Daydreamer by Snow-Owl The Sounds of Guitar by Snow-Owl Liv Tyler by Snow-Owl Cherry Time by Snow-Owl Crimson Masquerade by Snow-Owl Unspoken Words by Snow-Owl Take Me Home by Snow-Owl Who's your Daddy now? by mattyrich Pink 2 by knathe25 Kate Beckinsale Contest Entry by MiisterH The Man in Black by mattyrich Davy Jones by arcitenens face by cerveza107 Aquarius by mad-snaiL :thumb110787441: Frustration by pinkbutterflyofdeath Anakin Skywalker - Darth Vader by Tinytoni1990 My friend by Tinytoni1990 :thumb110814844: A Dark Knight by Art-by-Jilani Savvy? v1 by Art-by-Jilani How You Make Me Feel by Fergalamalu OC concept 1-26 by Glwills1126 :thumb100824611: Gifts from Lovers pencil by MattDeakinFineArt Cloud Strife by Krissi001 jake gyllenhaal 2 by nonam edward cullen. by nonam George. by Joey-Zero :thumb109718779:

Um... the end?
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Wow! How many good pieces! I already faved a great deal of them :D Great job to all!
Shigdioxin's avatar
i know. much talent found about dA
There is some killer artwork on show here

Many many thanx for featuring some of my artwork here
its greatly appreciated:horns:
and i hope your girl gets better:)
Shigdioxin's avatar
Thanks. My girl has been feeling better since this post, but recently she got a bad headache, but she's getting plenty of rest so she should be fine. Thanks again.
MagDa-LeNaa's avatar
Aww thank you so much for featuring me :icongiraffeglompplz::heart:
Shigdioxin's avatar
you're welcome
Scile's avatar
Brilliant collection! I love your taste :)
Scile's avatar
you are very welcome :bye:
fernandasabaudo's avatar
Thaank you for feature ^^
Shigdioxin's avatar
rabbitears's avatar
Great features! I'm glad she's feeling better though, hopefully she'll be back to normal in no time
Shigdioxin's avatar
thanks. she should be back to normal soon enough.
InjectVibrancy's avatar
Thank you for the feature ^_^

I hope Sarah gets better very soon, give her my love <3
Shigdioxin's avatar
you're welcome

thanks, will do.
mad-snaiL's avatar
Thank you for the feature again! :icongwomp:
Hope Sarah will be fine soon! :hug:
Shigdioxin's avatar
you're welcome =D

thank you :)
BrokenViolet's avatar
we are praying for her, she deserve the best and so do you! :aww:

really great features thank you so much for adding my drawing to this amazing feature! appreciated! :blowkiss:
Shigdioxin's avatar
aww, thanks :hug:

you're welcome ;)
BrokenViolet's avatar

I replied to your note that you sent to me! but I don't know if you received it!!
Shigdioxin's avatar
Oh you did. I'm sorry, I might've missed it. Let me check my notes.
BrokenViolet's avatar
hehe ok! because I don't want you think that I ignored you or something! :giggle:
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