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LF: CS and More OCs!

Wed Aug 1, 2018, 8:29 AM

Mostly looking for:

Novatts- ***
Werewoofs- ***
BTs- **
Eliore/Elomimis- **
But I'm willing to look at anyone! No Anthros tho OTL

What I can offer:

Anything on here:

Maybe a Fullbody as well dsjlkd?
[C] Valentine by shigay[COM] Chibi Compilation by shigay[WPD] Not Impressed by shigay

My Characters:…

Will be super tentative on mains unless it's a good ass design OTL
I have a few CSs like 1 braided tail, 2 Kowaikos, 2 novatts I'm willing to trade and 2 werewoofs- one not uploaded OTL

Feel free to comment down below ;v;

Commissions (Closed)

Sun Nov 12, 2017, 2:58 AM

My To Do List 


(Dimensions: 700x900)
[Trade] Hat by shigay[AT] Eloise by shigay[C] Valentine by shigayDaint2 by shigay


Bust : £14
Detailed Character : + £2-5 

-Supreme Busts-

(DIMENSIONS: 700X1000)

Don't Wait For Me by shigay


Supreme Bust : £25
Detailed Character : + £2-5 / Detailed Background : + £5




(Dimensions: 500ishx700ish)

Cai by shigay[COM] Chibi Compilation by shigay

Chibi : £12
Wings: + £2 / Detailed Character + £3
Add a Character : + £9




Wholesome Devils by shigayUta by shigayLc by shigay

Chibi : £12
Wings: + £2 / Detailed Character + £3
Add a Character : + £11

  Commission Type:
  Character Reference:
  Details: (Pose, what you want them to be holding, expression etc, THIS IS OPTIONAL)
  Payment Type: Points / Paypal

*I'll message you about the price and where to send it after you've commented!
*Background can be a block colour or transparent, you can specify which one you want it to be and what colour- You can also ask for objects in the background but nothing to detailed please!

*Please note that I tend to finish the commission all in one go. If you'd like WIPS you will have to ask BEFOREHAND.