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My Bio

Also, Angel-Neko_X is my another pseuso.

I'm some guy who likes to make stuffs about art and specially pixel art and 3D.

I like : DOOM likes games, Half-life, Old school style games, Dark humour jokes (trash humour counts)

Dislikes : crustas, spiders, spider's web, crabs (exepted Headcrabs in HL), ducks (about food)

I fucking HATE :

-Copyright hoes

-Spies in TF2

-Battle Royale games

-Far Left-Wing

-LGBTQ+ Cult

-ANTIFA (they are Khmer Rouge to me)


In my personal business, I do DOOM mods, that's mean I can make custom weapons, maps, stories etc... If you want to check those, I invite you to check some folders.

My MODDB page :…

My page :

Skype : (Ask me in PM)

My Discord : (Ask me in PM)

Favourite Visual Artist
ShadowLeggy, Deviluigi, Amimie, Massimowar
Favourite Movies
Astérix vs César, DOOM the movie, Resident Evil, Shaun of The dead, MIB, Die Hard, Terminator, Full Metal Jacket
Favourite TV Shows
South Park
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin park, system of a down, Papa Roach, Fear Factory, Metallica, Rammstein, Perturbator, Mitch Murder, Carpenter Brut, Dance with the dead, Dan Terminus
Favourite Books
just mangas : GTO, One Punch Man
Favourite Games
Doom, half-life, Mario, metroid, The house of the dead, Metal Slug, Garry's mod, Left 4 Dead, Call Of Duty Zombies
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
paint, paper, pencil (PM me when do you I draw something for you)
Other Interests
Musics, drawnings, Half-life, DOOM, Cosplay, Game making



Hello ladies and gentlemen, Before making my ArtStation I was hesitating because I've made so much awful shit in this deviantart until today I'm focusing to be professional after all I've done in game concept school, before that, I was thinking to make a second deviantart for make it more professional about arts but, I thought that ArtStation could be a good site which I can show my works about games assets for my indie games but I'm sure sure if I gonna show concept art of my future games... So here's the link : And don't worry, this deviantart will remain active just for doom modding stuffs or even

End April updates

End April updates

Ladies and gentlemen, I won't work on May and June for the while because of exams in school, so I took the decision to work on the gameplay mod unstead working on the maps! I've spended my time on working in my mod in majority the gameplay than the maps. I'm having less imagination for the maps but still I want to complete that megawad! Unfortunately I can't promise if I can release in the end 2017 for the official campain. For the while, I prefer you to having fun on the gameplay mod while I'll working on the maps when I'll done with the exams! So for the while, I'll stop updating monthly the gameplay mod! The very good news is just the Z

Hotline U.A.C gameplay mod : End March updates

Hotline U.A.C gameplay mod : End March updates

Changelog for the BETA 16 release of the gameplay mod : -Cacodemon and pinkies can set other people and demons in fire -Barrel can explode by enemies, if player shoots it, explodes and give points if enenies are next to or near to it -Sprite changed for the weapons : Pistol (Credit goes to JoeyTD) and the Super Shotgun (credit goes to someguy who made it) -All demons can release fire after burn exept Archvile and Revenants -New tracers -New death screams (and Wilhem screams lol!) -Executions don't consume some ammos exept pistol, shotgun and super shotgun -Less ammo consume for the flamethrower -New weapon replacement for BFG9000 : Th

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