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Gravity Brushes

A vector/abstract styled brush set made exclusively for!


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exclusive! - Gravity Brush Set - Vector Abstract Brush Pack


Size of Brushes: +/- 1000 Pxls Width

Brushes Made By: ShiftyJ

Number of Brushes: 9

PS Version: CS1 - CS6

- You may use these brushes for Personal use, credit is appreciated.
- You may NOT use these brushes for Commercial use without my permission. Contact me if needed. Via:



Enjoy Brushing!
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© 2012 - 2021 ShiftyJ
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I may sound a bit dumb but I'm new to this sight and was wondering where the download button is?
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In the description of the brush set :)
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Awesome brushes!

Can I use these to make a Clan thread for an online game? not gonna make any money though
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Of course, have fun with them!
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May I use your brushes for a contest that is not monetized?

 and just to be safe, Where can I find a link for a license?
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Yes, feel free to use the brushes for said contest :) And if you desire a license, please email me via the address that is on my dA-page.
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omg. these are freaking amazing.
planning to use it. i'll make sure to credit you. thanks :))
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Is it not compatible with adobe Photoshop CC?
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Thank you bro :D
Used here :
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I have a question. Up to what version of photoshop can these brushes be loaded onto?
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All CS versions! So also CS6 :)
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So they don't work on CC? What a shame :(
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Hey ShiftyJ,

is it okay, when I use your brushes for making 
a CD Cover for a friend of mine? He started making music
but he is not making money out of it.

PS: Your brushes are AWESOME! :D
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Hey man! Thanks for contacting me, and glad to hear my brushes are awesome :) 

As he isn't making money out of it, it's perfectly fine for him to use the brushes.

Have fun! 
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Love your brushes ShiftyJ!
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That's great to hear! :)
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Thank you for brushes!!!
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Love you back ;D
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Great Job, soon I'll use ur brushes in my future projects ( Soccer signatures, wide wallpapers, .. )
I will starts with the infinity bruch that u've already poted and it's really amazing thanks dude it really helps !
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Thanks dude! Don't hesitate to send me some outcomes ;)
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