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Arcade Brushes

By ShiftyJ
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Hey world!

My latest project is finally done! I present to you my new brush set:

Arcade Brushes - Vector Abstract Brush Pack

Size of Brushes: 1000 Pxls Width
Brushes Made By: ShiftyJ
Number of Brushes: 15
PS Version: CS1 - CS5

- You may use these brushes for Personal use, credit is appreciated.
- You may NOT use these brushes for Commercial use without my permission. Contact me if needed.

Don't forget to :+fav::+fav::+fav: !!

Enjoy Brushing!
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These brushes look totally amazing.
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Excellent brushes! Thank you very much!
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Amazing brushes, Thanks! :D
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Thanks for the brushes! I don't post my stuff on deviantart, but if you want to see what I did with your brushes:…
 Love it! :D
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I would like to use your brushes for future commission designs, is it okay?
Cool brushes. :)
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Hey! Send me a PM so we can discuss it. Cheers, Shifty
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One-Of-A-Kind work u done bro..
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what I've to do if I want to use it in commercial use?(in designing a website for my client)
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As long as you give proper credit for the use of the brush, then you can have my permission. If you can't or won't give credit, a license can be bought.  
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Love the futuristic retro!
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hey I love your brushes and I've just started making posters for school projects and just opened up commissions for posters, would it be okay if I can use your brushes for future commissions. I'll mostly use it to make wallpapers for free, just wanting to get permission :D
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Thanks! And that's ok, you have my permission. :)
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I think someone just used your brushes commercially, so I figured I'd share it with you. [link]
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Thanks a lot for mentioning! Could you explain why you think it's commercial use, because it seems to me like it's just a wallpaper feature on EQS, while no money is made.
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i love your brushes, could there be a possibility of a tutorial related to the picture above?
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I think I'll do that soon, so keep in touch!
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Shiftyj Obviously made this.
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wow this is cool
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it's so cute but i dont think it's yours
:NO: :NO: :NO:
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