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Ameripan - Oneshot - Request
(Author's note) This is my very first Yaoi fanfic! And... for all you Ameripan lovers... it's AmericaXJapan (also a little GerIta and PruCan)! I love this couple way more than I should. xD
If it sucks I apologize times a kajillion! I've read a whole bunch of Yaoi fics that it shouldnt suck too bad, but still... I've never even written a romance story before!! I mean I've thought of them in my head, but thats it!! D:
Okay... im gonna stop blabbering now and get on with the story.
After plopping down on the couch Alfred turned on the widescreen TV in his living room and began to click around for something interesting to watch. No... no... Oh? Sex and the City.. Nah. He couldnt really decide what to watch and sighed as he began to go through all his favorite channels again. A large smile spread across his face when he saw that Family Guy was on.
Halfway through the show, his cellphone began to ring so he paused the TV
:iconmadmorrinanimefreak:madmorrinanimefreak 25 12
(Some of) My Fave Hetalia Quotes
Ja, I've been typing these up since I first started watching my DVDs. =3= I have quite a collection of hilarious quotes, don't I? xDDDDDD

"So I captured Italy... but the only thing I hear from him is ze singing und ze laughing und vierd accents."
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"As long as I'm with you I get fed and nobody picks on me! I like being here~"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"You're the most pathetic excuse for a country I've ever seen...! Are you sleeping at me right now?!"
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"If you're a soldier-- even if you're French-- you're supposed to try very hard to escape captivity!"
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"Your women terrify me~"
-Italy singing to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"Is it norm to drink a barrel of beer and then bust on somebody's head~?"
-Italy singing to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub
"Luxembourg kicked my ass and sent me back here~"
-Italy to Germany, Hetalia:
:iconmrs-yuki-uchiha:Mrs-Yuki-Uchiha 540 347
6th  extinciton- Tarpan by Hbruton 6th extinciton- Tarpan :iconhbruton:Hbruton 132 3
Goodnight Kiss - Japan x Reader
You groaned as you violently tossed and turned on your bed. You loudly blew your nose into a tissue and let out another wail.
Yup, it was that time of the year again!
No, not that time of the year; it's flu season silly!
You threw the covers over your head to shield your eyes from the sun's blinding rays and whatever jeepers creepers left after the night.
You felt absolutely awful.
Your head, back, throat, face, arms, legs, and every body part known to man hurted like hell! Your body was hot to the touch, but you were shivering in cold sweat like a Chihuahua in winter. Not only that, you looked like a dying fish with your mouth open since it was your only way to suck in some oxygen thanks to your stuffy nose.
This has to be the worst flu to have ever hit you in your entire life! You didn't even have the energy to walk or let alone, stand.
Rolling your way over to the edge of your bed, you answered the telephone in your sickly voice, "Hello?"
"Moshi moshi? Is this
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 468 195
Don't Touch Me (Japan x Reader)
Don't Touch Me (Japan x Reader)
It was a cold December morning, and you had made sure to grab a jacket on your way out of the house. You were good at that kind of thing. You rarely ever forgot anything. You were very responsible, mature, and thoughtful. You always put others before yourself. You liked the way you were. You wouldn't have had it any other way. You were on your way to your best friend - and crush, though you didn't like to admit it - Kiku Honda's house. You had promised him that you would come over that day to watch anime and just hang out for a bit. You and him loved doing that: enjoying each other's company. Though you both didn't talk much, it was like you didn't need to. That's how close you were.
You allowed yourself to smile slightly, wrapping your arms around yourself as you thought back on all of the beautiful memories that you shared with Kiku. You had gotten so caught up in your thoughts while walking, that you didn't even realize that you had already come to hi
:iconchibi-katana:Chibi-Katana 146 59
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