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I'm Path. I'm 28, a jeweller/metalsmith. I play not-quite-enough Exalted and read loads of Homestuck. My favourite song at the moment is Imogen Heap's "2:1".

Favourite cartoon character: Rossiu, Viral, Gendo, Jin, Dr. Venture
Personal Quote: "God is a crazy woman and her name is Eris." -Principia Discordia

Favourite Movies
Big Fish, Murder By Death, Last Night, Possible Worlds
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Barenaked Ladies, Van Halen, Vienna Teng
Favourite Books
Archangel, Children of the Jedi, The Singing Stone
Favourite Writers
Jim Butcher, Sharon Shinn, Neil Gaiman, Andrew Hussie
Favourite Games
Exalted, Rapture Academy, FATE
Other Interests
Exalted, MSPA, ball-jointed dolls
Still waiting on a few pieces, but I will add them on as they come. Please check out all the gifts, there are some lovely ones! To crowzcradle ( from Wofuru ( Lady Snow To Definitia ( from Woltharnia ( Coyote To Wofuru ( from shiftingpath ( Firebird To mousewrites ( from Pointy-Eared-Fiend ( Snow Djala To Pointy-Eared-Fiend ( from Seiteki9 ( Takahashi Sayuri To Seiteki9 ( from crowzcradle ( Suzaku Falena Song To shiftingpath ( To silverwinglie ( from mousewrites ( The Artisan of Flesh and Bones To Woltharnia ( from silverwinglie ( Mnemon Belladonna, Otter Chione
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One Traveller of a Shifting Path, No Moon Lunar A raven-totem No Moon, Path is a big nerd and a bigger genius. Architecture, all aspects of craft, mathematics and motonic physics, geography and navigation, war strategy, manse-building, artifact craft and repair, brain surgery- if it's based on Intelligence, Path has done it and done it well. As a result he's about as insufferable as you'd probably imagine someone as smart as him to be, though he tends to think of himself as mild and nice. He is a good guy in that he is singularly devoted to saving the world, and it probably wouldn't be here now if he hadn't. Nobody really realizes that and he
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1) One Traveller of a Shifting Path A No Moon raven-totem Lunar, Path was originally cripplingly shy and painfully nerdy. Over the course of 15 years and a basic breaking down of everything he ever held dear, he became perhaps more antisocial than shy, and became more aggressively proud of his (admittedly nearly unparalleled) genius. He's always been weak to attractive women (especially those with wings), and extremely intelligent people delight him. In awkward social situations, he still occasionally panics and has been known to shapeshift out of situations he doesn't want to deal with. Path is tall and awkward. He's of Realm descent with
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Thanks for fav'!
I'm glad you liked the photo. ^_^
I found the picture of Lily with the cookie on DoA and came in search of more of her! She's stunning.
Oh, wow! She really is a gorgeous doll. I love her a lot. ^___^
Thank you so much for searching her out. <3
Thanks for the fav!
Thank you for the fav <3