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Deviation Actions

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Searching for cursors, I found out that a deviant named juanello00000 ( has been taking other people's work and posting it under his account without permission. He's not even bothering to hide it -- a lot of the submissions have other people's names clearly marked on the preview pictures.

On one of the earlier submissions (one without another name on it), I spotted some cursors which had been made by other people. I posted a comment asking whether he had gotten permission from his fellow deviants to repost their stuff. A friend of his -- or possibly a sock puppet -- made a very rude reply telling me to shut up. When I checked the page, I found that all comments had been deleted... and I was banned from posting on any of this user's pages.

I reported the deviation to the admins as a permission issue. This was a few weeks ago. They still haven't gotten back to me.

So. I've made submitted a bunch more "report deviation"s, and also contacted all the artists I could find whose work has been stolen. Because really, this shit should not be allowed to stand.
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...And the guy's still at it, re-posting some of the stuff that's been deleted. There really ought to be a "report deviant" button.