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Windows Vista Leopard pt 2

This is my second attempt at making windows vista look like Leopard.

I'm using my own object bar skin.
Avedesk 2.0 beta build with Avetunes and Avepreview
I'm using Rk launcher for the dock
Object Dock Plus for the tabs (never could figure out tabs in avedesk)
My icons are mixed I wish I could credit the artists but I really don't remember where I got them.

My wallpaper can be found here [link]

Any questions or suggestions please let me know!
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Hi I downloaded the msstyles file but when installed I it comes up slightly see through, is there a way of changing this.

Also may I ask where you got the finder bar from?
you must disable the blur 1st
Here dude try it on sendspace, sorry for the delay

Mediafire aint working...?

Thanks for ur troubles anyway :(
here's the leopard visual style you will need vista glazz to patch your system before being able to use this. I'm not sure if you know about that or not so if you need help just comment back here Goodluck!

No sorry I didnt mean blurred, I meant that shadow affect it has. I want to apply it to the rest of the sections.

And are u uploading that theme? I'm so eager to use, I haven't seen a Leopard theme like that for Vista yet
actually the finder text shouldn't be blurred ? umm are you sure you have the font Lucida Gr installed on your computer?

I may have messed up in the coding and made the finder text dependent on one of the helvetica fonts
Thx dude I'm already using ur skin which I download ed about 20 mins ago. Can u tell me which line on the skin file to change so I can get all the writing (file, edit etc.) to be blurred just like the FINDER writing on the bar?

Here's the link to the object bar skin


it basically works the second you load it up with most apps mite take a little bit of tweaking. I will get to work on loading up the Msstyle :]
Please PLEASE upload that theme. Im using Vista also and I would love that theme!
that would be great man I was told before else that object dock was better for reflections
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About the question of objectdock

Not it doesn't but you can do it on photoshop is veeeeeery easy and with objectdock you don't have so much space behind de dock icons(so the reflection is perfect) in a few minutes i will upload a SS and you can look the diference.

And if you don't know i can help you to reflect icons :)
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Which dock are you using?

Nice dock =) I'm just begining on this too -.-
I used an msstyle that I found on here I believe? and I patch the uxtheme.dll with vista glazz

if you want the style I can host it on sendspace or something for you?
what theme for make it looks like Leopard?
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