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Let's get ready to raffle! (2 Weeks Left)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2018, 4:54 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

+Link in Desc.+ A Friendly Reminder and Doodle by Shifted-Anubis

Hey! How are you!

I've been feeling bad and I wanna do something fun! I've been saving money and I want to give some. It's been awhile since my last raffle if any of you remember so if I'm doing something wrong, don't hesitate to tell me!

How to enter:

  1. Be a watcher of my account (new watchers welcome)
  2. Add this journal to your favorites
  3. Share this journal on DeviantArt (status, poll, journal, etc)
  4. Leave a comment saying "I finished!" and include a link to your "share" from step 3.


  • No duplicate or alt accounts. (Obviously.)
  • If you go back on any of the requirements to enter (by unwatching, deleting your sharing of this journal, etc) you will be disqualified from this raffle. (I mean this within reason, if you choose to unwatch me 5 months from now or erase those journals after the raffle, it's fine.)
  • Have fun and good luck!

Extra tickets:

  • You'll get (+1) ticket for donating a prize to the raffle (If the prize is Points, it'll need to be at least 50.)
  • You'll get (+1) ticket for tagging 3 people who would be interested in the raffle in the comments on this journal. (It must be people who were NOT previously tagged or who did NOT already enter the raffle. It also must be active accounts, don't tag someone who hasn't logged in in 3 months.)
  • You'll get (+1) ticket for commenting about a piece that you like in my gallery and why you picked it. (Make sure to link the piece or something along those lines so I know you looked.)
  • You'll get (+1) ticket for commenting why you want to join the raffle below.
(Try keep this all in one comment if you can! :heart:)

How does the winner get picked, is it fair?

I'll be assigning a number (or multiple numbers for those who do extra tickets) to each of you which I will let you know about by replying to your comment, and then I will use one of those handy dandy online random number generators and that's how the winner will be chosen! 100% fair.

The Prizes:

1st winner:

$150 US or 12,000 :points: from Shifted-Anubis
1 Shaded Full Color Full Body from Shifted-Anubis

2nd winner:

$50 US or 4,000 :points: from Shifted-Anubis
1 Lined Digital Piece from Shifted-Anubis
1 Shaded Half Body from Leaf-In-TheWind
1 Chibi from MoolesterCow

3rd winner:

$10 US or 800 :points: from Shifted-Anubis
1 Traditional Sketch from Shifted-Anubis
1 Full Body Custom Character from Leaf-In-TheWind
1 "Painterly" Bust Shot from Hye-Jinks
1 Simple Traditional Headshot from TytoArts

The raffle will come to an end on Aug 3rd. Good luck!

Haven't done this in a while.

Fri Jun 8, 2018, 8:31 PM

So, why not?

I have been tagged by ShyPotatoDraws

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their OC’s names next to them. (Nah--)

I choose my character, Mandy. Mandy And Jordan by Shifted-Anubis Mandy Manson by Shifted-Anubis (I'm working on her, ssssssssshhsssssh--)

1. Mandy is pretty anxious and believes in second chances.

2. Has a mother who took her away from her father and kept her away from him and her older sister for years.

3. Finds it hard to say "no".

4. The longest relationship she had was with a guy named Jordan and it was the most emotionally abusive.

5. Is an impulsive person at times and can easily regret those impulses later.

6. Loves owls... SO MUCH, but doesn't show it as much as you'd think.

7. Donates her hair to charity when it gets long enough.

8. Tends to bottle up her frustrations for the sake of others.

So, now I tag... Whoever wants to do this. lole

This was fun, so I'm glad I did it.


Thu May 17, 2018, 11:26 AM

This is another good friend of mine who needs help. She got into an accident and needs financial help! Here's her commission info and if you can't do a commission then please try to signal boost this!!

another 2018 commission sheet by SunnyHoneyBone


Wed May 16, 2018, 7:05 PM

Okay, so I'm going to a lot of places to spread the message. Blaze is a good friend of mine and when I found out about this, I was devastated. So, please, if anyone here can just signal boost and/or donate to this, it would be really appreciated!!

Help out this artist please!

Wed May 16, 2018, 2:36 PM
It's been real okay lately. There's nothing that I can truly feel bad about. I'm feeling a lot better and I feel like things are slightly more on track than usual. I do have an emotional panic attack here and there, but it's not as frequent as before.

Though, my doubts still exist. I don't know. You ever feel like your next mistake will be your last? I've... been dreading the day I royally mess up, but it's bound to happen, right? No one's perfect and things come and go. I do feel like I owe people apologies. I feel like the one thing that'll always bug me is a lack of closure of knowing I did something truly right. Though, I think this is something I do to myself a lot. Hoping for things to go the way I want them to. I always feel like I want things that I don't really deserve or need. (Rambling, sorry.)

I think I'm always going to look at myself and think that I'm a trashpile. Even when the going gets good, it's kind of how I was programmed at this point. The question for myself will always be "Am I a bad person?". Eh.

Anyways, enough about me. I don't mean to bum anyone out. Just needed that off my chest. I hope all of you are doing good/enjoying your spring break/having a nice life. Be safe, do your best, and see you later. : )

A lot has happened...

Fri Mar 9, 2018, 3:46 PM
My life has been pretty busy and scary mentally. I can barely take a hit without crying anymore. It's... bad, but I guess that's what life gives you. It all depends on how you deal with it.

I'm cutting this journal a little short, but I just wanted to check in ask how everyone is doing and see what you would like me to draw more of. I've been in an artistic jam lately. I have a bunch of sketches of Áspero and Douceur that I haven't colored yet and some other random sketches in general. I don't know. I just want some thoughts honestly.

This video... this video has hit me in a very unprepared spot in my heart. I don't want to seem cheesy at all, but this has gotten me real choked up.
So, my boy over here got himself in another financial snag! Look into his commissions or even spread the word please! His current situation needs about 200$ to fix.…

Commissions (OPEN)

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 8:12 AM

Guess who has to do emergency commissions again!!! MEEEE--

Seriously, I'm just going to keep these open forever now, I need to fix up things with this journal to make it more visually pleasing. For now, this is how we're gonna do this. Also, I need more financial support now then ever because my car bill has rose from my trade and I'm closer to getting an apartment. So please. I really need help, so sharing this around, donating, and asking for commissions will be greatly appreciated. I'll negotiate prices and keep it fair.

Donate here:

Commission money is to be sent to this paypal email:


Sketch (I will scanned them more often) = 10$
It's Still Cold Outside... by Shifted-Anubis One Curious Being by Shifted-Anubis Old Alien OC Sketch by Shifted-Anubis

Lineart (Traditional inking) = 15$
+Commission+ Xenomorph Plane Decal by Shifted-Anubis Rion Rhino Dino Mills by Shifted-Anubis

lineart (Digital) = 25$
Prideful +For Osieu+ by Shifted-Anubis Aspero's Parents by Shifted-Anubis

Flat colors (Digital) = 35$
Angelica Adopt +CLOSED+ by Shifted-Anubis Sweet Bundle of Bubblegum by Shifted-Anubis

Shaded Digital = 50$
Did Someone Order a Big Tiddy Goth??? by Shifted-Anubis Honey's Got a New Dress by Shifted-Anubis Ghost.exe the Friendly.... Ghost by Shifted-Anubis

Backgrounds = +5$ (The more complex, the more it will cost, but I might add a simple one on the house I feel it is necessary.)

Extra Characters = +8$

And here's specific prices for ponies.
Pony Commission Sheet by Shifted-Anubis

Keeping this simple for now. Note me, if you're interested.

Created by KathleenMitch

Pilot's Out!

Sun Jan 7, 2018, 11:11 AM

It's been a wild ride for 2017 and now we'll see what 2018 has in store for us.

I've been thinking about how to go about the "Blast to the Past" idea that I talked about in my Thank You video back in November. I feel like it'll be more of a podcast format where I talk to people who want to share their journey through their career from the beginning to current progress and give their inspirations, tips, downfalls, opportunities, etc. Honestly, a friendly, yet productive chat between a couple of artists. We can even include segments like news and trending topics or just talk about something that's been on our minds that might be something people could be interested in or relate to.

I don't know, I'm just brain storming. Honestly, this is to just get videos out to replace speedpaints. I feel like talking about art careers and how people got to where they are now and where they might go next could be fun.

So, anyone willing to help get a pilot together (I would possibly need an editor and co-host) or give pointers/volunteer as a artist willing to share their story?

co host???

pilot theme is beginner artists

titles that capture each videos' overall talked about subject


Questions to go off of>>> what was your beginning of your art like? what did you do to improve? any inpirations? what is your new art like and what do you like most about it? thoughts or tips for other people? any other interesting or relatable news? (everyone in podcast would talk to each other after answers and give more to talk about in each category)

draw everyone involved or let them draw themselves and color it in if needed.

Must build a discord server

Because I love you all--

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 6:32 PM

Y'all should watch this trash my teacher let me make for my final Motion Graphics project--

Seriously, if you are serious in seeing more of this kind of stuff, I have a tumblr FULL of old and current work for my school, so check it out:…

Some Inspiration...

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 21, 2017, 6:33 AM

This next one seems doesn't SEEM inspirational, but it kind of is.

A Couple Things

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 17, 2017, 5:50 PM

First, I would like to know if anyone has any pointers on what animation software I could use to better my skills. If not an animation program, then maybe a program like Adobe After Effects will work. A program like that would be great. Animating looks like so much fun and I want to be able to do it more, and hopefully give everyone more refreshing content to look forward to. Emoji06 

Second, thank you to all the newcomers who have watched me and have given me support! I truly do appreciate it. Emoji32

Third; Commissions, Art Trades, and Requests are closed until further notice. For obvious personal reasons. Kao Emoji-77 (Errr) [V4] 

On a side note: College been so tedious lately and I feel like I'm not connecting whatsoever. It's my fault though, I'm scared of people and interacting... and.. yeeeeeah.. Emoji26 I don't know, even on the internet it's kind of scary, but it's pretty comfortable here, honestly. Ah well, wish me luck. College is there for a reason, right?

Welp, this was my update for today. Hope all of you have a good one ! ♥♥

Commission Features!!

Tue Oct 24, 2017, 11:34 AM
So, I've had an idea to do this for the longest time. If you want some advertising for your commission, tell me and I'll add ya here! :3

I will keep it updated, of course! So, keep me posted as well : D



Another financial problem that could use some signal boosting and help!

Commissions! by Black-Fire-Tazz

Okay, but seriously, this girl's art is on POINT. *clicks tongue* Legit ;3c

Updated commission prices and detailsCommissions are currently OPEN and this is my latest update on all my prices and info about how to commission me and the further addendums that follow that including refunds and the list of exclusions of what I will and will not draw please review my lists and instructions before messaging me for a commission
Though all notes and questions are very much welcome ~

$5-10 for a line art and sketches: 10$ per extra character and 5$ upward additions for overly complicated characters
$20 for cell shaded or soft shaded simple character picture no background: 10$ per extra character and 5$ upward charges for overly complicated characters
$35-45 for a piece with a simplish background: 10$ per extra character and 5$ upward charges for overly complicated characters
$65 and up for complicated extra detailed pieces: 10$ per extra character and 5$ upward charges for overly complicated characters
$50 for simple reference sheets: with 3 different 360 degree turn around drawings and a simple bac

This bab, THIS. BAB. She deserve so much more love and support than she gets. Please help her out and consider commissioning her! :heart: :heart: Look at this for some examples of what she can do --> Examples and check out her gallery~

Sculpture Commissions (closed) by SleepingGodzilla

We have a 3d artist write here! She's willing make you sculptures and accessories at the right price. Give her a look if you're interested. : D


Here's a sweetheart who is doing special pet commissions for the holiday season! Get 'em while you still can! >v<

Payapal/Points Commissions Information
If you request a PayPal Commission, I will note you the email after completely discussing what you want for your commission request so you can send the PayPal Payment over.Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
Quickly thing to say!: 

Emoji07Do Check out my "The Commission Progress List's!" Journal to see the Commission progress's I have especially for those who are waiting on your commission. It does indeed get updated! 

Special Stuff I will do:
little starevery comment made on the journal, I will do one commission at a time. Meaning whoever comments first, will go to first. Your com

A cool artist who does icons and ponies and chibis, oh my ! UwU)/

Commission Info :OPEN:
Accepting both PayPal and Points! 
Pagedoll commissions:
Arrow Left Arrow Right
Icon commissions:
Arrow Left Arrow Right
***please read the full journal before ordering / asking any questions***

Prices may change in future commissions.
Pixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle dividerPixel sparkle divider
little star CHIBI STYLE 1

aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHH-- Look at those plump cheek chibis!! This artist has some great portraits that are to die for~ :heart: QoQ

$ Money commissions $Hey! I am back with some updates on my commissions~
I plan to renew some of the examples soon, but for now, I'll still accept!
Q: What is a commission?
A: Commissions are paid requests, meaning you pay me and I would draw for you.
You may see some parts that are open and closed. These are depending on my mood to draw them or not.
OPEN - :bulletgreen:CLOSED - :bulletred:
:damphyr:CATEGORY A
Consists of black and white pictures such as sketches, linearts, and monochromes in digital style.
●#1(A): Sketch:bulletgreen:
A rough/quick digital sketch.
-Headshot = $1
-Waist up/Half body = $2
-Knee up/Full body = $3

●#2(A): Lineart:bulletred:
A lineart with simple lines and no shading.
-Headshot = $2
-Waist up/Half body = $4
-Knee up/Full body = $5
●#3(A): Black and White (Monochrome):bulletred:
A picture with any black and white shaded schemes that speci

A very good friend of mine has commissions open, son! She has a sweet anime style that you may like and adorable chibis <33

Shadowkirby14's Commission OPEN by Shadowkirby14

Pretty cool dude selling some pretty cool art over here ! : D

Commission PricesSketches: 5$
Inked: 8$
Colored: 12$
Shaded: 16$
Painted: 25$-30$ (depending on the size of the canvas; poster for digital work)
[complex designs: +3 to 5$]
Traditional: Open Digital: Open
Hope you guys are interested! examples of work:

A unique style of sketchy goodness at an amazing price <3

commissions (pts only)bust
lineart - 40 pt
flat colored - 50 pt
fully shaded - 65 pt
half bodies
lineart - 65 pt
flat colored - 75 pt
fully shaded - 90 pt
full bodies
lineart - 100 pt
flat colored - 110 pt
fully shaded - 125 pt
will draw
humans, humanoid, furries(that includes scalies), animals, yknow
wont draw
nsfw, mecha
fill out this rubric in the comments if ywant a com:
Commission Type:
Pose (you dont have to give me anything exact, but please dont just say "do whatever!!"):

A cool and groovy style to match your cool and groovy OCs~ :heart:

commissions are back:iconblue-cplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-mplz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-splz::iconblue-splz::iconblue-iplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-nplz::iconblue-splz:
After a lot of time, the commissions are back!
but this time, with :iconpaypalplz:
sketch ------------> 5$USD

line art (with or without transparency) ----------> 10$USD

colored pic (solid color, without bg or 1 color bg)--------------> 15$USD

colored pic with shadow and lights and background--------------> 20$USD

Have a look at this artist's commissions! They have knack for enacting different styles from shows I'm sure you can recognize ;3

Commissions!!! by Zionthe2
Give this lovely artist a looksie, their style is something to admire! <3

I'm Doing Commissions! Please Read for Details!I'm only gonna do 5 Slots (for now just to dip my foot in the water since this is my first time doing this and I'm hella scared because this might end in failure)
HeadShot= $5 (colored)
Head to waist=$10 (colored)
Fullbody=$10 (+$5 if you want and additional character added) (colored)
*What I won't/can't draw!
Sexually explicit content.Anything mechanical like a mech (I'm not that good)Animals (I can't draw animals in sorry! Racing Girl Emoji (You meanie) [V2])
I guess that's about it. So yeah if anyone (no one probably) is interested then yeah send me a note. 
I will take payment through PayPal or Points the whichever is fine. 
Oh boy this is not gonna go well Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] :bademoticon: 

LOOK AT THIS GIRL'S DOPE ART, I love that sketched like flow!~

1-10$ Commissions!Going to put down a temporary commission page! Cheap stuff, get it while it's HOT!
Can't buy one?? Spread the news of this commission page and I'll make you a deal!
You can color the linearts youself if you want! It's yours once you get it!
1$ Offers:
-Chibi head lineart
3$ Offers:
-Chibi Head COLORED (shaded and everything)
-Semi-Realistic bust lineart

5$ Offers:
-Chibi full body lineart
-Semi-Realistic bust COLORED

10$ Offers:
-Chibi full body COLORED

-Semi-Realistic half body COLORED  (5$ OFF SALE ON THIS!!) (Originally 15$)

Get the goods while the gettin is good!

Amazing art for an amazingly low price! : O


Positive Vibes, Positive Vibes

Mon Oct 23, 2017, 7:37 PM
The more I live, the better it will get. I'm about to get fluffy and rigid for a second. This journal will contain a buttload of ramblings from a growing weird, young lady, so you can skip it if you don't wanna read that. :3

I have had an... interesting 6 months. To put it bluntly:

= I finally reported an abusive family member
= I'm getting less worried about what my family thinks of me
= I am currently getting over the fact that I have lost some good friends due to my actions
= I found out that I have to take at least one more semester of college after this year
= My car has been breaking down more often and I'm always out of funds to fix it
= My significant other will have to postpone his visit to find an apartment due to obligations with his job (Though it's small, it's still kind of important to me)

These are the major things, but there's a lot of small stuff too. Though, there isn't much need to worry about it. Either way, a lot has happened for me. I'd like to say that I'm happy that a lot of you stuck around through that and I thank you for it. I really appreciate it.

Also, I'm realizing that I need to take care of myself more. I've been crying a lot more and it... it feels good, man. I'm letting pent rage and sadness flow out in a healthy way. I'm opening up more, but I've also realized that I can be a bit of a sassy sue when I speak. That's only when I don't know what to say though and get super nervous, but I've always been like that. Anyways, I'm basically saying that I'm more attentive of how I feel and figuring out who I am. I think a lot of my depression stems from the negative thoughts that I was raised with. The negative thoughts that people might not even have of me. I'm going to push myself to be happy with what I think of myself than to have the thoughts and opinions of other people rule me. I used to be such a hypersensitive sheep. I'm growing out of it. Sure, I'm still sensitive.. but it comes from a good place! I still want to care for people and not worry about how other perceive me.

That's a goal anyway. Welp. That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. :3c

Good night,

Cleaned out my Journals today

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 9:29 AM
I will be choosey about making new ones.

If I have something to say and it is short and not that important, I will post a status. If it is long and/or important, then it will be a journal. I'm sure you guys would have figured, but I want you guys to know that statuses will keep things flowing too.

I thank anyone who has helped me with ideas for fixing up my page and the newcomers for taking the time to look through my art and watch me. Thank you so much!

I hope that 2017 will be better as it goes into 2018. I hope to graduate college this spring and get into involving myself with internships and illustration.

I also hope all of you have a great rest of 2017 and have a good one.


Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt

Help out the Tentacles!

Mon Sep 11, 2017, 3:15 PM
So, I wanna help my significant other get more exposure and hopefully some people buying some commissions. :)

If you don't see yourself asking for a commission, please consider sharing this. He deserves the support.

Here's the post that explains more about it:…