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Never Again by shift-null Never Again :iconshift-null:shift-null 2 4 Demonica Lineart by shift-null Demonica Lineart :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 6 Sullen Confession by shift-null Sullen Confession :iconshift-null:shift-null 1 7
Today I walked into school, and as I stood in the crowded lobby, waiting for the mass doors to be open, I was seperated from my friends. This significant layer of space surrounded me and only me. Crowded hall and yet only I should have a atmosphere of space upon which no one stepped. I looked at the people around... so many faces, each one telling a tragic yet beautiful story of its own. Then I stared blankly at my reflection in one of the windows. I am just as tragic yet just as beautiful as well. I'm am alone, yet apart of everything. I am nowhere, yet everywhere possible. I don't know what it was I felt... joy, love, pain, hurt, utopia... but I felt my heart overflow. Tranquil yet contemplative in thought, I stood there until I was told to move along... Just observing, admiring, thinking..... All the questions that ever consumed my heart were answered. Where am I? Who am I? Who Cares for me?... None of it matters..... I am alive and that is the best thing ever. Happiness isn't just
:iconshift-null:shift-null 0 5
Fisix Networks by shift-null Fisix Networks :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 2
Forget Tomorrow
Hear my plea today
And take away tomorrow
I can't take this pain
This empathy is a curse
All the truths were fake
I never saw this coming
Forgiveness come my way
Lets your thoughts forsake me ever
Grant my wish for the present
That I never see the future
Silence the voices in my veins
Free them from this body
I shall delude myself no more
Waking conscious from this nightmare
I will close my eyes forever
Sorrow, the reality I've known
Free my heart today
before I'm deceived by tomorrow
:iconshift-null:shift-null 0 5
Ever Fallen by shift-null Ever Fallen :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 3 Paris Kills by shift-null Paris Kills :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 4 Strength by shift-null Strength :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 5 S t o i c by shift-null S t o i c :iconshift-null:shift-null 2 7
Halfway to Nowhere
I'm still halfway to nowhere
I've been searching all this time
I thought I found the answers
but they were just a state of mind
My heart lead me to a promise
but the hope was just a lie
I saw what appeared to be my path
but I never left this solice
Thoughts of grandeur plagued my mind
but I could never fight the irony of life
Those of less curiousity are halfway to heaven
While I still search for mine
:iconshift-null:shift-null 0 6
Requiem by shift-null Requiem :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 3
Love for Humanity
This day of mishaps and turmoil should have been devastating but yet I'm not moved from my utopian state. I feel tranquil in every way possible. I found an answer today, something I've known for quite some time... I love you. I love everyone with a compassion that shall never fade. I want  to take away your pain. I want to abolished your heartache. I wish for your serenity without any thought of mine, and I am unashamed of that.
Many times I have felt alone and lost, only to be eventually reminded of the infinite love and compassion that surrounds me. There always has and always will be that one person that shows you the light of hope, in your cave of despair. I want to be that light for as many people as possible. We alll need each other. In a room of millions of people, you can still feel completely alone... I want you to know your not. If not me, there is always someone who you can turn to. I love EVERYONE, and I mean that.
Anyone who gets this message, feel free turn to me with you
:iconshift-null:shift-null 2 3
Answers Above by shift-null Answers Above :iconshift-null:shift-null 0 8 Defiant by shift-null Defiant :iconshift-null:shift-null 2 6 Maico: A Abstract View by shift-null Maico: A Abstract View :iconshift-null:shift-null 1 3

Random Favourites

How I fell In love with you
I've known you since I can even remember..
Remember when we never need each other?
Best of a brother and sister.
Ever understand what our parents meant when we were really two of a kind?
Looking back on it all, I do now...
Some things never change;
We share our laughs, our tears;
There for each other until the end.
But now we're older, feelings alter and it just won't go away;
Afraid of reaction, I stay quiet;
Constantly wondering how I fell in love with you.
Elementary school was probably one of the best times we've had;
You and I playing together as always;
Never leaving each other's side;
Never having to worry about anything;
Now things have changed.
Some things never change;
We share our laughs, our tears;
There for each other until the end.
But now we're older, feelings alter and it just won't go away;
Afraid of reaction, I stay quiet;
Constantly wondering how I fell in love with you.
Now we'rea bit older, and emotions begin to take their toll;
Making the days harde
:icondawnrie:Dawnrie 7 24
Yamato Hotness by Dawnrie Yamato Hotness :icondawnrie:Dawnrie 22 37 Leith and Zoe by Aliehs Leith and Zoe :iconaliehs:Aliehs 1 10 How to get the ball by wolfstar How to get the ball :iconwolfstar:wolfstar 83 31 eye contact by derChristoph eye contact :iconderchristoph:derChristoph 2 11 pharma dreams by suzi9mm pharma dreams :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 1,445 655 Ice Maiden Yukina 01 by Inuyasha-Ryou Ice Maiden Yukina 01 :iconinuyasha-ryou:Inuyasha-Ryou 17 7 Legends Die Young by mighty-crouton Legends Die Young :iconmighty-crouton:mighty-crouton 3 5 Moonlight Fountain by runeechan Moonlight Fountain :iconruneechan:runeechan 84 80 Taken by shadow-stalker Taken :iconshadow-stalker:shadow-stalker 16 34 You can only reach for the sun by HighAsTheMoon You can only reach for the sun :iconhighasthemoon:HighAsTheMoon 1 5 Kitsune Girl by zetallis Kitsune Girl :iconzetallis:zetallis 2,905 503 -- D E I T Y -- by pupukachoo -- D E I T Y -- :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 8,572 1,591
Never have I fallen for one so far away
Out of reach by life's cruel treats
But I am quickly on my way
Drowning in pleasures cool pain
Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your hair, silk cascade like Avion in spring
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in the magic sway of your hips
I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And I wither with fright
For who am I to wish for this delight
A soft kiss my only dream
Forbidden the fruits of night
Is it love? What is love's touch
But a gentle breeze of passion
over a lust fueled body of such
heat that it burns the mind of sense
I thought you a mirage of my mind
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find
For you define beauty
In both body and mind
Your soft, gentle face
More beauty I fear I will never find.
Izzy <3
:icongon3woodstock:gon3woodstock 1 2
Magnifilite by anniex0r Magnifilite :iconanniex0r:anniex0r 1,862 644



Rodger Ja'Vil Aiken
United States


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