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this endevour has been abandoned
If you have a picture, an idea or a character you want me to draw I do take commissions.

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Available slots

available now

note: valued, repeat customers and $5 or more patreon supporters do not need to wait for an available slot.

*picture £27   $35  €33
**Comic £80  $100  €95
sketch only = half price

Note:  actual price may vary per commission.
*a picture commission is a single page picture.
** no more comic commissions are available to anyone without an ongoing comic sequence with me.
comics are charged per page, not per panel, (more details available on request.)

Comission Bubblelessjpg by ShieltarComission 1 by ShieltarVixen Pink1 by ShieltarAlaina Quey by Shieltar

Step 1)  PM me your request/s, where upon we will discuss what you want and how much It will cost.
note:  the prices stated above may vary depending on what you want me to draw.

Step 2)  once we both agree, money and art will swap places via paypal, bank transfer or other means (not including DA points)

Step 3) Corrections.  If I didn't get it quite right, I'll fix it for free (within reason)
there are many reasons why I will not be accepting DA points as payment for my services as an artist.

1.)  DA will take a whole 1/5 of all the points sent to the artist as payment for facilitating the transaction.  that means in order for me to receive the money I want, you'll need to pay nearly 1/4 again what I want paying for the job.  Where as the money charged by paypall to convert currency is tiny by comparason.  and many non US banks will do it for free.

2.) DA points are only accepted as currency by DA.  Where as, real money is accepted anywhere.

3.) DA points cannot be transferred back into real money.  Which because of Points 1 and 2, and the fact I'm not a paying subscriber and don't intend 2 be.  I would have nowhere to spend it.

so in conclusion.  there is no benefit to the consumer or the artist over normal money.  There is no reason for me to use it, and every reason to refuse it.
having played all the previous titles I have to say this one dissapoints.

to me, there are 2 core game mechanics to an Assasisn creed game...
1.) climbing
2.) stealth kills.

on this basis assasins creed 3 fails 50% of it's core mechanics.

enemies in all the previous games, while being rather trigger happy regarding attacking you, have all had a decent detection area.  namely, they had a detection cone and wouldn't be alerted below a decent distance.
where as III instead of having a V shaped cone, they have a D instead, and a MUCH longer detection distance.  This leads me to the conclusion that not only have they all had surgery to have eagle eyes implated in place of human ones, but that they also had eyes implanted in there EARS!

they also have above ninja hearing, despite having eyes in there ears.  because no longer can you stealth kill your way up the line of bad guys from the back to front.  because as soon as you press the stelth kill button, the all turn round to kill you regardless of any other conditions.  doesnt matter if none of them could have POSSIBLY seen you.  doesnt matter your still plunging the knife into there back with your hand over there mouth.  they all instantly know.

leading me to the conclusion that there all ear eyed eagle visioned telepaths with superman's reaction times.

ether that or Conner is being portrayed as the worst of Desmonds ancestors at stealth in the history of EVER.  which as he's a native makes absolutely NO sense.  because he would have grown up knowing how to track buffalo and similar without being detected by prey with much better senses than humans.

the gameplay styles of assasins creed 1 and 3 could not be more different.
1. taught patience, tactics and made you use your brain to achieve your goal.
3. teaches recklessness, linear progression and stupidity.

as for the portral of history it depicts.  I would say that it is highly colored by the American point of view with a spirited attempt to tone down that coloring.  so.  points for trying.  But it is still a distinctly Rose tinted American point of view.  it is worth noting I feel.  that at the boarder between canada and the USA.  the native Americans emigrated over to Canada (where the British troops were) in order to escape prosecution by the Americans.
But as there is no such thing in this world as truly impartial viewpoint I don't mind this TOO much.

in conclusion.  this game is more annoying than enjoyable and of all the games to replay, I will not be picking this one.  It is a game made for Americans to glee at being able to play in there "glorious past".  for the rest of the world.  it is a disappointing end to a great series.
movement at last on BOE.  page 9 has been drawn and inked and send on to be coloured by generous artists.

It's an A4 page (roughly)  and while this does mean that you wont get quite the same impact of a solid lump of pure unadultarated super cuteness.  You will get the same cuteness spread out over a more regular release shedual.  it is my hope to increase production to the point where were releasing one page every other week.  (irregular working hours / needy friends and other commitments prevent weekly updates from being realistically possible)
Time for an update.

well.  My computer was ill.  so much so it couldnt recognize it's own internal components any more. so I had to format it.  good news is this meant I could upgrade to a 64bit OS because to my surprise I had a copy of 64bit Windows7 as well as the 32 bit I was using.  Which will mean no more ram issues when doing art.

Bad news is this has meant days of bug fixing and comparability issues.  I will likely have to buy a new graphics card because the drivers for this one are TERRIBLE.

when I can use this computer for art again I'm going to be starting a new upload system for BOE where each scroll is split up into smaller pages allowing for much more rapid updates.
Max Payne 3 review... why because I am a massive fan of the first 2 games.

My first experience with Max payne 3 is just how riddled with bugs the thing is on the PC version.  I had to jump through hoops just to make it launch on my high end gaming pc.

my advice to any PC users is don't run the game in anything other than DirectX11 or you will get bugs and crashes, and put the texture quality down to high.  It actually looks less grainy and in 99.9% of cases is far more than you actually need.  It will also result in mcuh less crashes and smoother running.

Max payne titles have always been the paragon of the shooter ethos of there day and Max payne 3 is no exception.  However I do believe that it has taken it too far.

The game panders to visuals so heavily that any given level is about 1/3 cut scenes. sometimes more.  It's more like an interactive movie than a game allot of the time.  The first level is probably only about 1/6th game play or possibly less.  in some cases I was able to go and make some tea or run a bath and come back to the cut scene still not having reached the end.  A cut scene I could not skip.  even once you start actually playing, your not away from the cut scenes.  Rockstar have taken every single available opportunity to ram a quick cut scene in.  Trouble is whenever they do, your gun choice will ALWAYS change to whatever gun is in your right hand, even if it has no ammo.  even climbing a ladder is a cut scene.  wanted to pick up some amo off of the guys at the bottom of the stairs first because you've got 5 bullets left in the world?  tough  you walked within 3 paces of the ladder and that means it's cut scene time and you cant go back again.  It can make you feel like your wrestling with the game to actually let you control max.

Even when you are actually controlling max payne it can sometimes feel like your wrestling for control.  hold forwards to wobble slightly to the left, lean against the wall then turn right.  Other times the game grabs a hold of the pointer all together and forces you to look in certain places and watch the action, when any sensible person would be trying to kill the bad guys, not watch as there valued ally dodging bullets with no gun.  It can be very frustrating until you get used to it.  even then it can be annoying.

Then there's cover mechanics.  I suppose it's to be expected with todays games.  but that doesn't mean it makes a better game.  Because in normal mode you have less health than I've had in any other shooter without regenerative health, and your slow mo only goes up when you kill someone and not by enough.  Your constantly short on slowmo and the enemy can kill you really quickly.  with the net result that your going to hunker down behind cover the first chance you get and from there the game turns into a duck hunt.  The exact opposite of what max payne is supposed to be about.

Of course a key part of any shooter game is how the enemy reacts to being hit.  and Max payne 3 seems to be populated with zombies.  If you don't head shot them there is a very good chance there going to get back up.  It is very annoying when someone your certain is dead, because you just unloaded 3 clips into him at close range then proceeds to stand up and shoot you in the back.  At one point I was point blanking gas masked villans, unloading whole clips into there face and screaming for them to stay down. only less polite.

Despite all this it is still a good game and if it hadn't been for the bugs that plague the PC port I would certainly have enjoyed it a whole lot more.  If your a modern gamer looking for a challenge this is definitely for you.  People like me who are fans of the previous two games and like old shcool shooters with minimal player interference and no cover mechanics. (such as any valve title.)  you will have fun with this game.  but now you know what to expect... LOTS of player interference and zombie like killing mechanics.

3/5 stars. (less cut scenes and less zombies next time rockstar)

p.s.  dont get me started on how hard weapons with lazer points are to use from a third person perspective.
p.p.s thanks goes out to my mate for putting the idea of doing reviews into my head.  I cant believe this took a whole hour to write.
boe page 8 is 95% done.  just need to do some final checks and create a new header board to replace the old one indefinitely.   If all goes well I shall post within a few days.
I had a good convention.  drew loads of art for people.  might upload some later.

but your more interested in BOE I'm sure.  so pehaps you can help by suggesting what colour grace and celestia's room should be. (floor and walls)
boe page 8 update

I have coloured in all the characters in all the pannels.  and shaded them.  now to do the equivilent of 5 A4 pages worth of backgrounds.

I think this will be the last one I colour myself.  it just takes too long and I'll never finish the story if I'm spending half my free time coloring in each page.  if you guys want this in colour from now on I'm going to need some assistance.
Time for another BOE update

I just completed the inking. of page 8 of BOE.  the new inking style is looking nice.  it's a bit longer than page 3.  However.  with the sheer number of drawings colouring it all in the traditional way is prooving very very time consuming.  so I thought I'd try converting it over into illustrator for colour filling.  however the art package crash's whenever I try to export it as a JPG.  darn it.
another update on BOE.  this one is going to be IN COLOUR!!!! yeah.

Also the inking quality is going to be better too as I've doubled the canvas size.  surprising the difference that makes.  though it has meant it's taken me a little while to get used to a new working pattern.  it's another long one too. hopefully shouldnt get too much longer.

it's currently at roughly 12 rows long.  I say roughly because I'm starting to revert to my comic book layout a little bit.  so it's not all in neat rows.

strictly speaking I should be doing lots and lots of furry art to sell at Confuzzled.  but too much of the same thing dulls my desire to art.  hey.  if your going, say Hi. I'll be in the dealers den.
sorry to say that I havent done much work on BOE as of late.  due to the nice weather and access to cheap labor (my best mate) I've been working on my garden railway.  also been catching up on some paid commissions.  I plan to get back to BOE soon.
the guy who was going to do the colour for the BOE comic has got a job and cant do it anymore (congrats to him for getting a job)

as a result there is now an opening for anyone who wants to become the official BOE comic colourer.  which will get them early viewings of the comic as it's made.  any takers?
only 2 more pannels left to draw, and a total of 3 rows left to ink. on page 6.  which I'm going to be splitting in two because it's so monsterously long I dont think it will upload to DA in one piece.

the reason I didn't want to split it untill now, is because the only place where it can be split, the first part contains 0% pony. and I didn't think you guys would like that this early on in the story.
I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in coloring in inked panels for me to free me up to move onto drawing the rest of the comic.
anyone who shows willing and capability with this will be rewarded by being given sneak peeks at unfinished pages for them to work on with me, as well as getting there name on the header board of each page.

shading would be necessary, line colouring and complicated backgrounds would not be.

any questions comments or takers?

p.s. [ update - last of the page is story boarded, I just need to draw the last 2 rows and just under half is inked. ]
thought I'd try out this journal thing.  keep all you bronies out there aware of progress on my BOE pages. and how long they have gotten.  and page 6 is LOOOOOONG!

according to the file properties it is currently stands at 9921 pixels long and climbing. making it easily the longest one so far.

I do apologize for the delay, but as I have said before, certain important real world concerns have kind of gotten in the way.  concerns such as the death of my grandad for example.  the list of interruptions is ridiculous, and real.  But I have not abandoned you.  I've been hard at work behind the scenes trying to get this thing done, and I have only got two sub events left to panel and draw before it's time to ink the 50% that is un inked and then let you see the pony goodness.