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Grace visits america


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recently the guys behind the web comic known as "the wotch" approached me and asked if I'd be willing to work on there comic as for various reasons they've been short an artist for a little while.

so, from now on I'll be working on that as well as BOE.  so expect to see some more "the wotch" related artwork popping up.
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I saw a panel from BOE and knew you had to be the same artist.
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The Wotch is still going? I thought that died years ago...
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Hm. I actually know and read that webcomic... It has been a while though.
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I just started catching up with The Wotch, and honestly, it´s everything I never even knew I wanted. :)
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If you like "The Wotch", i recomment "El Goonish Shive", "Misfile" and ""...

If you already know those, nevermind.
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Thanks, but I have so little free time, I don´t think I could squish in another comic or two. But I guess they´re good.
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Go Grace expand the empire
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lol, that was cute.
Good to hear it might be starting back up soon, and I think your style will be a good fit for it.
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Awesome! Best of luck with it! ^^
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So you're the new artist!  It's a good fit, I'm sure you'll do very well.
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I didn't realize that comic still lived.
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What, The Wotch is still around? Holy crap.
That comic is still going?
I know I read more but the last thing I can remember is the werewolf & werecat incident.

And ya, I imagine Grace would be upset if someone took away her wings. Not that she wouldn't get them back once she absorbed more magic.
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I got no idea what´s going on, but this is great :)

Also, the only reason why I don´t know what´s going on is because I´m halfway asleep right now. You know that kind of tired you are when you wake up in the middle of the night and can´t get to sleep anymore? I´m the kind of tired you are the next day when this happens. Just, you know, the past 2 weeks or so. It´s real crap, but at least I can just fall asleep whenever I want. :)

Anyway, could someone exlpain what is going on? Just in case I still don´t get it once I got enough sleep. Thanks.
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Have you tried reading the description?
Also, haven't I seen you around on DA before? I think I have, some years ago or so perhaps but I recognize your avatar and name.
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Well, I have been on DeviantArt for about a year by now, so maybe you´ve seen me somewhere else.
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Or maybe I saw you more recently than my brain tried to tell me, which would make more sense for me to remember it after all. 
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
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probably actually. But I'm still pretty sure I've seen you before. It's kind of annoying me that I can't remember when or where though.
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Man, I wish I was that lucky. I mean, people always talk to me like I knew them, and I got no idea who the hell they are.
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That's usually how it is for me too. That's why it's so extra annoying when I almost remember it but not quite.
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Shieltarr will be the artist of a webcomic called The Wotch.
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