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Giant Twilight 10

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Commissioned by :iconklamnei:
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The rest is on derpibooru
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more? this reminds me of a garfield comic where he dreams about eating and growing until he gets to the galaxy for "dessert" and then he wakes up saying that the only good thing about a diet are the dreams.
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the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
suns next, oh shit, that could be a real problem!
DarkestLunarFlower's avatar
Poor Luna, also I have no idea what this is about, why is twilight eating everything? Is she Godzilla. All the ponies on earth are dead. ;_;
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
no no, they're fine, magic!
daluna13's avatar
Wow go Luna to even be seen she probably would have had to make herself grow to about 2 miles tall in this pic
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
That may cause a big bang.
DemonicClone's avatar
Larger than the moon,
the oceans would be the only safe place for her to stand
the tidal forces she'd cause just from lifting a hoof would be horrendous.
I can't help but wonder how she's breathing,
and wouldn't her gravitational field start to collapse her into a sphere ?
though the ratio between how much she has grown compared to
how much she has actually ingested, seems to be exponential, and clearly magically manipulated
so at this point physics is completely out the window, as her density is most likely below that of water.
Kibichan's avatar
I don't think she going to stop Luna.
StringPetounPing's avatar
Princess Luna is right. Doing that is rude.
cmm07r's avatar
Don't worry, if she gets big enough Celestia's sun in next.
That's not a cookie, Twilight!
Wolfclaw15's avatar
attack on titan .A. end this threat
Tiavik's avatar
fare is fare, eat the sun next X3
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