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Birth of Equestria P08

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russian version русская версия… Translated by - MammoH

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I know you chaps have been waiting a long time for this one and I thank you for your patience. so here it is. Princess celestia embarks on her first ever scheme.
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ncolqueStudent Digital Artist
On the first half of this page it shows celestia with golden hooves and on the on the other half when she puts on the black suit they're gone.
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KateWeatherMachine2Student General Artist
Celestia's so cute when she's sad.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Dude, he let her watch Teletubbies? Does he want to scar her for life? They have a baby face in the sun, it doesn't get more fucked up than that
Wait0wat's avatar
I'm afraid to see how this will end, having her be out in the real world at this age.
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I thinks panel 3 4 are switched
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ShieltarHobbyist Digital Artist
actually there not.  the intention was that because she's feeling guilty she's answering the question she THINKS is being asked.
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*facehoof*Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause Timon -  Applause good job though
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Is there a higher resolution version of this? It's very hard to read and some of it is too hard to read at all. 
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ShieltarHobbyist Digital Artist
this page already is high resolution  Though for some reason it takes a long time to load properly.  Never worked out why.

Click the download button.  if image is still low resolution, then the problem is at you're end.  Use A PC, or a better web browser that doesn't reduce the resolution of images to speed up loading times.

I had a similar problem when finding an image viewer for Android.  they almost invariably showed the picture to be more grainy than it actually was.
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Thanks, I really enjoy the comic! 
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ChovexaniArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Still looking for a ink and color assist?

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BarryFromMarsStudent Traditional Artist
Yeah, I can't deny that Princess Celestia here IS adorable.
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ExlaaHobbyist General Artist
Anybody else getting a gray box with a small X in the corner?
Kingofthecouch's avatar
anyone who thinks she isn't cute must die
Morlord's avatar
*dying because it's just too cute xDDD*
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this will not end well !
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Zira045Hobbyist General Artist
ill try and colour in ( im better at it than drawing)
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I love how Applejack's hat is one of the toys. ^.^
SavedByGODsGrace777's avatar
Hm? I think you put the 4th and 6th panel to the wrong spots. (The "nothing" and "Morning" boxes from celestia in the second row.)
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ShieltarHobbyist Digital Artist
that's Tia acting extremely guilty, yet adorable at the same time.
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