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EDIT:  when I wrote this page, I was a little worried people might find parental advice a bit contrevertial.  However it seems that people like the message enough to want it "spelled correctly damn it!"  so I fed it all through open office for spell checking.  only took a whole hour to cut and paste every single panel in and out again.  once I've transfered over to completely, I'll use the surprisingly large amount of time it currently takes just to upload a page of BOE to patreon, DA and to spell check the pages via open office and still have extra time to play zelda.
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Also that conflict was resolved a little too easily. You could have gotten a lot more out of this with Celestia having to learn to live with Luna.

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I do kinda wish you would have pushed this a little further. That at the very least Celestia has to help clean it. Even if Celestia helping slows it down more it's important that she cleans up her own mess.

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I do wonder if Harmony is willing to yell at Celestia.

I fully agree with that parenting advice but you kind of left out that she needs to be very clear to Celestia if she does something bad.
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Where is the next part?
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the next link has been on this page for days.  and it's been available at the new location for even longer.


though it turns out the page number was entered incorrectly.  but it was there.
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Parenting is hard but very rewarding even though I'm not a parent i care for my nieces and children and make sure their treated well and are happy even if safety comes before happiness.  

Not sure if I said it right ^^; 
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why is luna sniffing her hoof?
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the same reason babies sniff there hand then stick said hand in there mouth.  Babies most developed sense is there sense of taste.  and with everything new they tend to explore what things are with there mouth.

much to the annoyance and fears of many parents.
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Hey, these are really solid pieces of advice for parenting! Well done!
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Woona is always cute. :)
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The answer is not a nuclear reactor... But, I kinda want it to be a nuclear reactor. :3
Magical reactor would do the trick.
I sense some names you have in mind . . .
Should it be
Show love and compassion but never withold love.
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No.  Because always showing love and compassion no matter what, precludes the use of tough love or discipline.  Without which the process of raising a child capable of dealing with rejection, hardships, an understanding of consequences and the ability to empathize with other people is nigh on impossible.

This is because, if a naughty child experiences nothing but love and compassion from there parents when they act out, there not learning how to play nice.  there learning there are no consequences to there actions.

It's like baking a cake.  If you leave out, or you use too much of any one ingredient ,you will utterly ruin the cake.  Everything must be done in careful moderation and at the right time.
Meaning no disrespect, perhaps its obvious to Grace Harmony and her father, I only want to clarify.
She still loves, has made commitment, so she can guide them in the right direction, she does not stop loving?

Discipline is going to be interesting....
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no offence taken.

I don't think anything about being a good parent is obvious.  Kids are complicated, and parents more so.

But as you want clarification, yes Grace loves her pony daughter.  But like most parents she needs to learn how and when to apply the two main forms of parenting.

1) care and nurture (food, love, shelter, protection)
2) behavioral guidance (what to do, what not to do, how to behave, etc.)
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their.  altered.
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Sorry to be a pain, that stuff just jumps out at me.
What is Is it your new site for this comic?
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yes it is.  BOE is moving home to for a number of reasons.  not least of which is the insane amount of time it currently takes to upload BOE and add in all the links, text etc.
That makes sense, especially considering the only reason I come to DA is to read your comic. I checked out the website, and it looks really good.
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I'm expecting this to go wrong in some way. *grabs another box of popcorn*
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