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UPDATE: I'm sorry for extra week.  but RL has been getting in the way.  what with my car needing to be repaired etc etc.  I'll make it up with a 3 week run of comics rather than the usual 2.

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Philomena has had enough with your shit, Celestia. Philomena Emote :angry:

Nightmare Star (Solar Flare) or Daybreaker incoming. Watch out Luna! (My little pony) Daybreaker icon 2 Daybreaker's Laugh Luna stunned icon GIF My Little Pony - Laugh

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You had a good conflict going here. It's just unfortunate that you didn't push it all the way. Both Grace and Celestia are in the wrong here. Celestia get's her due but Grace does not. That what happens later is because Grace failed as a mother.

I do think you should add a slightly higher element of seriousness to this. Not evil overlords or anything like that but that when a character messes up they will get reprimanded for it.

Grace's father is a scientist so failure would be something he knows all too well. While Celestia has developed somewhat Grace herself hasn't.

It would have been better if Grace struggled more to be a good mother. Had her ups and downs. Moments where she felt like a failure and where she doubted herself.

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Can you please post book six to deviant art. When I tired to register onto the other sight. I so,show got blacklisted.
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Well, what'cha gonna do, banish her to the moon?
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Wow! Has anyone else noticed that Tia's annunciation and grammar are way better now? They learn so fast! Yay!
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Green eyed monster time.
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I think at the last panel philomina said"What?!" XD 
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where's the next page?
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I ran out of pages noooooooo
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Yep, the trend keeps going. Im still getting increasingly more pissed with Grace. Now its gotten to the point that a robot bird needs to give Celestia the jealousy talk instead of her so called mother
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banish her to the moon
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Grumpy Celestia is cute
Well, it's never too early to start learning life lessons such as "You don't always get what you ask for and you just have to deal with it" and "Count yourself lucky if you get everything you need; getting everything you deserve is a pipe dream."
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When young, sibling rivalry tend to happen.
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celestia can talk normally now that was fast xP
Love it. Can't wait for the 7th to come now, though. =)
*comes from under the table in a green jumpsuit*
Yaboobay! >8)
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Really celestia? Your jealousy is getting the better of you... Even philomena think you are going over to the top or maybe you are going to far... Just tell your mom about your feelings celestia ok?
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yeah or is she going to go micro nightmare celestia?
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Yes, listen to Philomena. Really nicely done, great work.
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I totally agree with you, Philomena.Deadpool - Neko 
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