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It's link to the next page looks broken.
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nope, works fine.  But you may want to view it on the website it's moved too.…
*sneaks in the window with some ranch*
Ay, gurl! Yaboobay!!
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At this rate Celestia is going to go evil instead.
Mummy's going to have to break up a fight to the death one of these days at this rate.
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It's the 17th! Are you okay? 
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There's no picture?
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where's the new strip?
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So all poor Luna gets is a hand-me-down.
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The anger is boiling, and every thing like this is just heating the pot.
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i have no problems with my Siblings mostly my Baby sisters they are so cute when they are angry
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with each new page coming out, my despise of Grace's treatment of celestia increases. She surely knows how to destroy any likeability she built up across the first four books.
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that bad huh? well we still have a long way to go
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Poor Tia can't catch a break! X(   X) 
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oh no... She will got mad...
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it was that moment luna was banished to the moon by her jelly sister xD
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:icongetcreativeplz: Green is not a creative colour!
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*d'awws so hard* ~<3
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Oh this is so typical of how it works with sibling especially when they are different ages.
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Getting a younger sibling can really only go two ways at first; either you love them or you despise them. 
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Here we see the real reason why Celestia banished Luna to the moon later on x3
Just a quick question to anyone that might know. I'm trying to find another comic similar to this one, meaning extremely adorable and preferably having Celestia and Luna as the main characters. Would anyone happen to know of one, preferably of considerable length, like this one?
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in other words.  I need more of this comic.  but I've run out.  please tell me someones making another one just like it. ^^

as far as I'm aware.  there not.
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