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nice equestria girl bit human with wings

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With how immature Luna is I'm kind surprised she isn't wearing a diaper.

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What do they eat in the story now? We have seen them eat treats but just what makes up the bulk of their diet?

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Tia's jealousss

actually that's a bad thing
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Lol, she's ignoring the adorableness that is Tia! :XD:
Mummy's not very experienced at this. You'll have to forgive her inability to be mummy to both of you at once.

I hope you're not spending too much time modifying your PJs. It would be a shame if you wasted time finishing the edges of the wing holes when the PJs don't last long enough to unravel anyway.
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Celestia:  Helloooooooo?  I need my bawbaw too!
Who else is watchin HunterxHunter right now?... (8/
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I hate to be THAT guy, but when's the update coming?
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Wow, Grace is a pretty crappy pony mom.
Celestia: uh... Are you forgetting something mom?
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too the moon luna
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Grace your forgetting precious daughter #1
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Grace, luna was Tia's birthday present why u gotta take dat and also ignore tia
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Celestia jealous meter is rising
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I kinda hope you keep going with this and don't drop it. That Tia does something pretty stupid and is then punished for it.
The fact that so many are complaining is a good sign. it means you really are reaching them so take advantage of that and really make your fans squirm.
I understand that Tia needs less care than Luna, but it still seems she has been slighted, especially to her I guess. Her mom basically forgot about her by the end of her birthday, yet again understandable to some degree, especially to the readers. And while grace is still talking to her, things like saying tia was the one who knocked off the bed sheets after grace was the one who threw her in the floor and not even giving her the right food (she's been on solids like oatmeal) is kinda just neglectful.
Totally understandable that Luna needs more care, but that doesn't mean Tia doesn't need any. Little Tia, still a small child mentally and with only a year of experience, wouldn't be able to suddenly become so independent overnight. Though what do i know of magic horse babies.
I do know I love this story though, and grace probably is just so caught up she doesn't realize it. Huh, my guess is that she'll realize it during a Luna nap scene. Can't wait for what ever happens.
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The mother should tend to both of them, otherwise there will be sibling rivalry.
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That DEFINITELY doesn't happen though, EMMAIRRIGHT??? XP
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Somepony is gonna be sent to the moon
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Green is not your color, Princess Celestia!free cheshire cat icon 
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Ok... quite a few of you seem to be complaining about Grace's parenting skills.  to which my response is... WHAT?!

Luna is literally days old.  Luna NEEDS attention.  She needs to learn such basic things as, what her mummy looks like (hence why Grace is instinctively looking at Luna so much).  how to walk, no don't eat that... etc.

Meanwhile Tia has had a whole year of exclusive parental attention and can function perfectly fine on her own, and Grace is merely taking advantage of that fact like ANY parent would.  Tia can not like it all she want's.  but the fact is Grace's work load has just doubled, and she NEEDS Tia to be more independent.
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