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ah yes... the classic "Big looming ominous building on a dark night, combined with the obvious antagonist having (or hair depicting) devil horns" i love that trope

wait is he Discord oh boy
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uuuhhhhhh... it's not "turm" it's "term"
You fired him.......for making a magical winged unicorn?

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Just like humans to be focusing on making a profit off of anything and anyone they can when they see something with a great power that you the one who destroyed or dissect it and turn it into a weapon I have a feeling that little Celestia and Luna are going to be in some big trouble later let's just hope things are going to go the way I probably know they are with little Kia step down to a lab table and some I don't know wires training out her energy let's hope things are going to go exactly the way I probably know they are
Then, a piece of da cigarette fell off and burned his smooth, hairless legs. He cried, but his pride created a sound barrier around his sounds cause he's da Big Boss Man...... b****.... >8)
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Maybe this is the guy who will become Tirek? xD
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The next pages is late it says it will be out the 25th it is currently the 26th
Sorry. That was me.... (8/
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Looks like at least someone realized that firing a genius is a shit stupid move
I'm not sure that Dr. Harmony has any desire to go back to working for Stuf Inc. Sure, it's nice to have a source of income, but this is exactly the part of a project where corporate overlords tend to start interfering, so perhaps he'd rather stick with the basement lab for the time being.
Are you sure it's STUF Inc and not STFU Inc?
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Liensis: Probably, if this Big Boss Man here have some good contacts he might want to militarize Magic.
What the... Who is that guy??? And what business he's running?
But more importantly do you think that guy has some ideas what coming to him and i see trouble once but do you think he well be sent down to hell?
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Or mayb Sombra ???
he want to CONTROL & RULE.... not to drain magic .... that quite a nuence, also, he is all raging and stuff.
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Is this Terek, Terike what's his name centaur bado dude guy.
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It wouldn't surprise me if he is. But if it is him that would make the story much more interesting. I doubt he's Discord, since Discord want to do whatever gives him a laugh. Discord doesn't care for anything but chaotic entertainment. This guy only cares about profits and he seems the type to get angry quite easily; yeah he could be Tirek alright.
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So his the "true" antagonist
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I don't think anyone else has said it yet, so I'll be the one to say it. "Long turm" should be "long-term". Hyphen optional, I suppose.
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Evil man is very angry right now, he wants to create the ultimate magic. XD
Andrewnuva199's avatar
Oh my, an actual antagonist.
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