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BTW.  news man is not definitely correct.  However something pretty bighas indeed occurred.
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i present to you the SCP foundations Scantron reality anchor, that should fix things right up

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Its a little too late for that now celestia may very well as luna mess with the fabric of this world and universe so if luna is anything like celestia then like she too can do this stuff she made the tantabus which dis a number on things

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And of course, reality ensues.
Jeez, just how much magic did Tia build up til now? It's one thing to move the Sun a little bit,(which is a few thousand miles) but it's another to change the entire Solar System from a Heliocentric-type into a Geocentric-type.

Even by accident, that's way harder to pull off than an Age Altering Spell.(the one from the Magic Duel episode)
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I love how this series revels in its own predictability. Meow :3 

(Not in a bad way, I might add!)
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It's more she turned back in time last 400 years of astronmy ... Galileo is now a fool!!!! XD
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Time to bring back those old Geocentric models I presume.
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The problems have been doubled!
Thanks little Luna!
I'm jealous. My wings are a part of me that I'm fully aware I'm still missing.
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Don't be sad. I'm sure you'll turn into a pegasus when the great conversion to pony kind occur.
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Wow. It begins.
Aside from the usual cuteness of the princesses, I really wanted to see the actual beginning of Equestria in this comic
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I'm convinced Celestia almost caused an apocalypse.
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gotta love when the news is exaggerated like that and the characters are like 
oh shiz, better fix this before it goes back on us
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mechine ? turm ? appeared to jumped ?

Ok... I would work for free, but do I need to pay YOU to correct all of these ? I'm almost tempted !
I mean, it's getting even worst than before, seriously !

Most writing program have an automatic way to point out errors, by underlining them for example. Even as I'm typing this, my BROWSER is telling me of my errors !
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I agree, this page seems to have more errors than normal.
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I am taking steps to fix spelling errors for future pages.
Should those two should it's was celestia who done this all this time?
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I think you need an editor for your English -- this page is also kind of an overload of text.
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well that's not good
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