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Pretty much everyone's reaction to Twilight getting her wings.

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Best freakout ever
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...For some reason, I think of Wally Fields voicing Dr. Muto when I read Grace's Dad's speech bubbles...
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stay focused doctor
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That funny😅😅😅😅
Oh, of course she was exhausted.... Gold Play Button, here ah come!
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*Parent, not parant
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Something I'd like to point out is Grace looks a little glossed over, like really shiny? Just something I've noticed.
Good job though, keep it up! 
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I guess that must be relevant to plot - magic rejuvenation I guess
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XD, poor professor. He was given an embarrassing fact that his daughter pointed out, and his speechless reaction is spot on!
They don't make you not too young to hang another kid, you know. Especially since magic ponies appear to mature much more quickly than human babies.
He should see her as pegasus once... Pretty soon she might evolved as a ailcorn... And her dad a unicorn... or something... So uh question... What's next book you gonna make? is it gonna be another book called: Big camping trip of mayhem.

Because you already made few books... i will explain the rest later ok?
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I wonder if she's going to tell him about what was before the wings.
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Someone's brain is about to snap.
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naaa, that what mad scientist are in their "normal" state
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ehh i  and I wish to have my wings like this
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Never seen a dad get mad at his sweet little angel for literally becoming a sweet little angel xD
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Take a mic drop, Grace.
craftingbyron's avatar
Grace is too shiny.
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Good one, Grace. You totally owned that M.A.D. Scientist.
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Do you need a proof-reader for your speech bubbles ?
I will do it, if you want.
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