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Somehow this gives me Darkwing Duck flashbacks.

"They called me crazy. They said I was TOTALLY INSANE!!..boy, were they right."
camolotthe10's avatar
That would be they're, not there, in the fourth panel.

*horrifically late correction*
He's going to become Discord, isn't he?
Phoenixinator's avatar
Wait- If she transforms back... Won't she be naked??!!!:o (Eek) 
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
"Oh, and I might look A LITTLE different..."
Girl, just for your information: You got wings, hooves and are an entirely different species alltogether. (Also, you don´t wear any clothes.)
Shieltar's avatar
I think that does qualify as looking a little different ^^
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Yeah, ok, at least she did remember that her dad might be doing some delicate experiments down there and didn´t just shout "Yo dad, I´m a pony now!" :)
jawbreaker36's avatar
Why, do i get the feeling that professor Harmony is going to end up becoming Discord.
Eh, he's always dist-acted anyway. He probably wouldn't even notice the difference.
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done, I am really like how this comic is going can't wait to see what happens next and also why the daughter became pony but the doctor didn't.
O_o...... so..... so you're a pony now?
Harmony: Uh....yeah?... seems that way.
Me: O_o.... can.... can I ride you?.....
Harmony: -_-.......
Solace-Chaostra's avatar
"There on there way over"

You needed 2 of the 3 homophones, but used the third one twice instead. XD

"They're on their way over"

Just for future reference :)
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look forward to father seeing his pony daughter
DemonicClone's avatar
irises are missing
StaredEclipse's avatar
What if you sneezed at school and turned into a pony XD
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
What a weird coincidence.

A few years ago I had a skype chat group where we had an RP which was about a strange disease turning people into anthro ponies and then into ponies. Science was totally nuts because of this, with open racism, cruel experiments and other weird stuff. I think I get a third fanfiction on the way once I finished one of the two I´m currently writing. Check them out, they´re awesome :)
StaredEclipse's avatar
Oh cool I will have to read them in my spare time. :)
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Ok. Be sure to leave some comments :)
StaredEclipse's avatar
I'm not 100% sure how to look it up. I can find you on right? and if i Am correct then what name do you go by on there, is it the same as your DA name?
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
I´m not on, because for some reason that site won´t work for me. You can find all my stuff on my DeviantArt page.
StaredEclipse's avatar
Oh okay. (I'm such a goof sometimes) I'm not on there either XD it's kind of hard to figure some things on the website out.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Yep. And it only has fanfictions, while DeviantArt also has comics, pictures and so on.
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