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Applejack Vs Timber Wolf Glitch Collage

This took me like 5 hours.

This is the epic trilogy of how Applejack defeats the giant Timber Wolf King and saves her homeland, all wrapped up into one image.

I know it's not very Christmas, but I just got the inspiration for it this morning, and if I didn't act on it, it would have never gotten done.

Works Used:
Crossing the Alpples by AssasinMonkey
Knight for Apples by AssasinMonkey
Winter Timbers by AssasinMonkey
Lies Within by AssasinMonkey
Timberwolf Emperor by AssasinMonkey
King of the Forest by Huussii
Sweet Apple Acres by Huussii
The Apple Family by Huussii
Applejack Day 2015 by harwicks-art
Applejack as an animatronic by LMan225
It's high noon by Quirkilicious
Timberwolves by MLP-Silver-Quill

My previous glitch collage:
Discord Day Glitch Collage

I'd love to hear your interpretation in the comments!
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Jeeze you're just getting better and better at these! Happy Star icon (1/5) 
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The emoticon is only for my use
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This is amazing! It does fit the title of glitch collage. Good job!
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This looks great! :o
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this looks epic !
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