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Regulations From Your S.O

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D- LOCKDOWN We have some rules and guidelines that we ask all agents to follow. Thanks!


:bulletpurple: Click the 'Join' button.


:bulletgreen: Check out the gallery or the 'Deviations' journal entry before you submit any work. There are a lot of folders, so make sure you know where your art belongs before you submit any.
:bulletblue: Submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: There are no set amount of submissions a day.
:bulletblack: As long as its Agents of Shield related we take it

Be Kind and No hating on here! If any drama of the sort happens you will be removed from the group/

:bulletred: Any piece submitted that does not have a disclaimer will not get accepted. The artist will receive a message requesting a disclaimer and a re-submission.

~How To~


:bulletred: Send us a note with your group's name and we'll send you an affiliation request.

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 photo tumblr_ncvr67Qeak1tdv3gno1_250_zpsv5h7wbzq.gif

*Spoiler Alert*

If you are recieving this briefment you are one of the last surviving members of S.H.I.E.L.D.... we have sustained a great loss overseas with the infiltration of a Hydra unit masquerading as Shield. Along with our casualties, many members of the U.N have lost their lives to this unit as well, sending Senator Christian Ward on a war path, mainly to hide his relationship with younger brother and captive associate of John Garret, Grant Ward.
   Grant so far has never lied as a contact and wants to be part of the team once again, but because of a discussion with his elder brother neither one will be trusted until proven trustworthy, leading to Grant's escape when he was to be transported to Christian for public execution in order to save SHIELD from the witch hunt he wanted to inact.  In better news Agent Simmons has returned fro her undercover position in Hydra along with our newest member Agent Bobbi Morse  AKA: Mockingbird. Who you might of heard about being Hunter's "Shedevil" ex-wife. He's a bit mellow dramatic for my taste, Bobbi is a major asset, along with Agents Romanov and Barton who have went black for the time being.

  We have new enemies, besides the entire world we now have Senator Christian Ward, who according to Grant Ward is a monster of a rare kind, along with Agent Skye's long lost father who is now working with Hydra, who also obtains the obalisk.

Your Objectives Agents : Report in with any information on Senator Ward or Hydra... do not attempt to capture Grant Ward!!! I repeat  DO NOT attempt to capture Grant Ward, if you see him avoid, and take caution he is as deadly an agent as ever has been trained. Stay Alive and stay in contact.

~Director R
 photo tumblr_ncdydgNw4L1tzjlnuo1_250_zps6513679e.gif

*Spoiler Alert*

First off Agents make sure to see Koening after this briefment to recieve your lanyard, you all have most certainly earned them.

Second, we have lost and cannot locate the Obalisk, it was last seen during a follow of  Carl Creel  and his Hydra contact. Second, Creel is believed K.I.A but since he can become rock we are taking no chances and cryo locked him and handed him over to Talbot for safe keeping. We also must pay our respects to fallen Agents, Isabelle Hartley and Idaho. Lance Hunter is on thin ice with shooting three of our agents but we need all the warm bodies that we can mostly trust so watch him with caution. We were also contacted by known Hydra affiliate Raina who is now believed to be a free agent.

  Your objective Agents: Continue to weasle out Hydra and destroy them and their nests, keep and eye out for the 0-8-4 code named Obalisk and report in if spotted, do not attempt to recover on your own and continue to build your own teams of people you KNOW are not Hydra sleepers.

~ Director R
 photo tumblr_ncety9BYuz1sjkdl7o3_250_zpse37757e0.gif

*Spoiler Alert*

If you are recieving this briefment you are one of the last remaining loyal S.H.I.E.L.D Agents. We have uncovered much intel from Hydra captives including their ways of communicating within white noise channels. This revelation has led to to discover we are vastly out numbered in the thousands.  There is also an 0-8-4 code named Obalisk in the hands of a Hydra operative called Crusher, beware he absorbs any material he wishes. Approach with extreme caution. Sleeper Agent Grant Ward  after failing many suicide attempts has now agreed to work with us. Agent Simmons has gone black, Agent Fitz is having hallucinations and his brain injury is not healing as quickly as expected. We also now have two agents in critical condition after handling and transporting the obalisk.  Details will be made clear soon.  Your objective Agents: detroy any known  Hydra nests, capture as much technology as you can and lets get the obalisk back from Crusher.

~ Director R
 photo tumblr_n450ngG8cf1qjom3eo7_250_zps4925d1d2.gif

*Spoiler Alert*

Remaining Agents of SHIELD, I have been on assignment tracking down known Hydra opperatives. We are dealing with known Hydra leader and sleeper Agent John Garrett aka The Clairvoyant. Also it is rumored that Specialist Grant Ward is working with Garrett but I have assigned Agent Coulson and his team to reach the bottom of that rumor, tonight in his report he should be able to confirm or deny whether Ward is truly Hydra or Shield...for our sakes I pray he is still on our side. Also Agents Fitz and Simmons are M.I.A we are currently searching for their tracking signature through Agent Triplett's Grandfathers spy tools. If you have any other information on known Hydra opperatives or theories regrading tonights  briefment please share ! Goodluck Agents, Remeber even if you come upon a Hydra agent that you trust deeply people are not born evil, they are twisted during their life to become so.

         ~ Director R
 photo tumblr_n1ycnlkhCe1t8xvuso1_400_zpsafca5099.gif

*Spoiler Alert*

Agents as you well know by now S.H.I.E.L.D has been deeply infultrated by HYDRA. We have been combing through our ranks and have managed to take back many of our headquarters such as here, The Hub. Last week The Fridge was taken down by Ex- Agent John Garrett aka The Clairvoyant and his team. Agent Grant Ward is starting to appear as a Hydra sleeper but the judgement is still out on him. He is currently located with Coulson's Team at the hidden bunker known as Providence. We have ordered Coulson and his team to under go a series of tests on Director Fury's Lie detector chair. Known prisoners Raina and Black Out are on the loose so if you find them, proceed with caution!! It is in your hands to fight for the very soul of S.H.I.E.L.D, Goodluck Agents!!
                                      ~Director R

Please share your theories and lets discuss AoS Episodes- tonights episode 1x19 (The Only Light in the Darkness)
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The Agents of Shield Community, For those who love Agents Coulson, Ward, May, Fitz, Simmons, Skye, Barton, Romanov, Garrett, Triplett, Fury etc. Also the ships that have developed within the agency such as Ward+Skye, Coulson+May.
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Apr 9, 2014


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