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She-Hulk and Araceli

By Shidyk
Something that I commissioned from :iconinspector97: for fun.

She-Hulk (My favorite super-heroine from Marvel) finds a bottle and when she uncorks it, out pops Araceli (a genie OC I made, and who showed up in :iconcdrudd:'s webcomic, I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle). Araceli likely thought she was getting a new master, and pops out to greet her new master with a playful kiss on the nose.

She-Hulk, on the other hand, tries to process the fact that she just got greeted by a genie in a way she wasn't expecting.

Wonder what she'll be wishing Araceli to do? :XD:

She-Hulk owned by Marvel.

Araceli owned by :iconshidyk:

Bottle and story of I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle owned by :iconcdrudd:
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This is sexy. :thumbsup:
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aracelli,always sexy
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Glad you like it. :D
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Ooh, ooh!  Have her undo the whole Super Hero Registration Act thing! :D
Shidyk's avatar
lol If Araceli can do that, Marvel's heroes are in for a rude awakening. :XD:
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Kool. But now I wonder, if Araceli came out of Jean's blue and Red Bottle, Who has Araceli's Black bottle and whom will pop out when it's opened?
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lol Jean would maybe end up in the hands of a super-villain. :XD:
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The poor Super-villian.
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