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Madness in the place of Hope,
Darkness where there is Light,
Oh, young soul, fear Corruption,
For like a shadow, it will always Call.
Whispering cold Advice,
Taking the Hand of the Weak,
Leading the Blind and Deaf past the Peak,
Corruption devours all that is Good.
Oh, poor young Soul,
You who are loved by Life,
Wail, despair, and be shattered,
As Corruption breaks all who are before it.
Corruption, that ancient Abyss,
Swallowing all with the Intention of Good,
Never having its fill,
And spreading like a great ill.
Woe to you, young soul,
For there is nothing,
Nothing that will stop Corruption's Call.
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One Piece Fan-Fic Blurbs 1
“Alright, everyone! We're shoving off!”
Rayo's call garner the attention of the crew as they finished preparations and prepared to disembark once more into the wild seas of the New World. As Jessamine went past with the last of the groceries for the trip, Rayo noted a stranger quickly making their way towards them. He focused on the stranger, trying to see if he could make out anything that would alert him to whether he was with the World Government or some other dangerous organization.
When he spotted none, he turned back to the Sea Chariot and called for Shade, “Oi, Shade! I think we got a thief trying some gutsy move.”
Shade came out of the ship, slightly avoiding Isaac as the blonde doctor went to finish packing, and took a look at the stranger. He snorted as he looked at Rayo, “You really think that's a thief?”
Rayo shrugged as Emma Olas came to him and showed him the expenses for the shopping this time, “No clue. Just make sure he
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 2 15
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Well, it was inevitable that I would write one of these. :XD:

So first, Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to you all who celebrate this time of the year. Hope it is going well for you and if it's not, then I hope that the rest of 2017 ends on the highest note possible.

This year's "haul" wasn't bad. Small, though it was, there was a lot of love behind it and I always appreciate what I am given. This year I was given an electric rechargeable razor, a new phone (bigger screen and storage capacity), a pair of jeans, some socks with Deadpool on them, a few gift cards, and finally a copy of Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Switch.

All in all, I am happy and I did a few small good deeds. The one I am proudest of has to be when I went out of my way to deliver presents for my younger brother who had moved out of the house a few years back and seeing him happy for going out of my way to do so. I do love him and worry constantly for his health/safety (you kind of have to when you're the oldest sibling of three rather odd brothers. :XD: ) so seeing him cheer up a bit despite not seeing him often made me happy.

And with that out of the way, may all of you have a Happy New Year. Take care everyone!

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My Japanese name is Josuke Ienari.
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