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Wayward Adventures - Chapter 1
Jack whistled to himself as he headed through the forest, enjoying nature's splendor as he made his way towards the town that his master said bordered the forest. While Sebas had said that it would take a day, Jack had cut about a good three quarters of the trip by cheating a little by using a wind spell to amplify his speed. After the spell faded, he decided that walking the rest of the way would be fine and he wanted to at least have a leisure walk through the woods as it calmed him. His luck had not flared up at all, which meant he wouldn't have a lot of time before it decided that it was high time to stick him into trouble again.
So here he was: enjoying a stroll through the woods and munching on some jerky that Raffles the Gnome had somehow packed into his supplies.
Everything was going well...until the giant boar raced past him and there were immediate shouts of several men in both agony and to establish commands.
Trying to make sense of what happened, Jack turned to where the bo
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Wayward Adventures: Prolouge
“I am sorry, Mr. Embers.”
Jack Embers was a human just like any other. He at one time had had a family, some friends he spoke with often, a secured job, and enough knowledge to make it through life. If there was one thing that made him stand out from most people, it was his eerie luck. Whatever he did, wherever he was, and with whomever he was with, his luck would draw in trouble as much as it would take for him to get out of. As a child, he was called “Jack the Jinx” by his peers, a name that stuck through all of his life until college where he managed to barely get himself a bachelor's degree.
His luck had finally landed him in the biggest trouble, however, when he was facing a being that looked to be made out of light in the shape of a man.
He couldn't speak but within his mind, questions were flooding in: Where was he? How had he gotten there? Who was this strange being, and was this “person” the one who had somehow managed to get
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Madness in the place of Hope,
Darkness where there is Light,
Oh, young soul, fear Corruption,
For like a shadow, it will always Call.
Whispering cold Advice,
Taking the Hand of the Weak,
Leading the Blind and Deaf past the Peak,
Corruption devours all that is Good.
Oh, poor young Soul,
You who are loved by Life,
Wail, despair, and be shattered,
As Corruption breaks all who are before it.
Corruption, that ancient Abyss,
Swallowing all with the Intention of Good,
Never having its fill,
And spreading like a great ill.
Woe to you, young soul,
For there is nothing,
Nothing that will stop Corruption's Call.
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 1 0
Jack Embers the Warlock by Shidyk Jack Embers the Warlock :iconshidyk:Shidyk 5 8 Orla the High Orc by Shidyk Orla the High Orc :iconshidyk:Shidyk 9 8
One Piece Fan-Fic Blurbs 1
“Alright, everyone! We're shoving off!”
Rayo's call garner the attention of the crew as they finished preparations and prepared to disembark once more into the wild seas of the New World. As Jessamine went past with the last of the groceries for the trip, Rayo noted a stranger quickly making their way towards them. He focused on the stranger, trying to see if he could make out anything that would alert him to whether he was with the World Government or some other dangerous organization.
When he spotted none, he turned back to the Sea Chariot and called for Shade, “Oi, Shade! I think we got a thief trying some gutsy move.”
Shade came out of the ship, slightly avoiding Isaac as the blonde doctor went to finish packing, and took a look at the stranger. He snorted as he looked at Rayo, “You really think that's a thief?”
Rayo shrugged as Emma Olas came to him and showed him the expenses for the shopping this time, “No clue. Just make sure he
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CM: Seraphina and Alma by Shidyk CM: Seraphina and Alma :iconshidyk:Shidyk 18 2 Melina the Basilisk by Shidyk Melina the Basilisk :iconshidyk:Shidyk 28 5 Goa the Ogre by Shidyk Goa the Ogre :iconshidyk:Shidyk 23 2 Commission: Alma the Lizard-Girl by Shidyk Commission: Alma the Lizard-Girl :iconshidyk:Shidyk 21 6 Alma the Lizard-Girl by Shidyk Alma the Lizard-Girl :iconshidyk:Shidyk 14 12 Seraphina the Salamander by Shidyk Seraphina the Salamander :iconshidyk:Shidyk 19 2 Onward to a New Dawn by Shidyk Onward to a New Dawn :iconshidyk:Shidyk 8 6 OC: Seraphina the Salamander by Shidyk OC: Seraphina the Salamander :iconshidyk:Shidyk 6 5 A Fan's Mind by Shidyk A Fan's Mind :iconshidyk:Shidyk 9 7 Rayo and Stella by Shidyk Rayo and Stella :iconshidyk:Shidyk 4 6

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So over on Youtube, Rogersbase and Tekking101 were doing a tag special of One Piece that basically boiled down to "Who would you be in the One Piece World?"

Since I haven't done any journals, and the idea sounded fun, I decided to start the stuff over here on DA. :XD:

So, to start off, a few rules:

1). This is not making an OC, this is YOU specifically if you were in the One Piece world.
2). You are welcome to choose whatever path you want: Pirate, Marine, World Government Agent, Revolutionary, or whatever.
3). Make sure to specify what powers/Devil Fruit you have during your time there.
4). Give brief summaries in regards to your background, your powers, etc.
5). You are going into the One Piece world without all the knowledge you might have currently (such as from the latest chapters or as a whole).
6). When you tag someone, be sure to remind others that there are no tag-backs. :XD:

Rules set? Let's roll!

Okay, so first off, I probably start off as a civvy from the North Blue from a well-off family, not a noble family but one that hasn't worried about money for a while. Growing up, I would definitely like the stories of Germa 66 (because I did actually like Power Rangers when I was small :XD: ) and wonder if I should become a pirate. At 10, however, after say seeing pirates do some inhumane things, I would defintely go to join the Marines to make sure no one would suffer like that but seeing how awful the Marines were too and needing money to help the folks, I'd eventually become a bounty hunter. During my time in the Marines, all ten years of it, I would both acquire my personal DF (the Command Command Fruit) and learn how to use Haki (with the Color of Observation being my top Haki) which would be useful for my hunting. That would be how my life would go: enter the Grand Line, capture whatever pirates I ran into, and generally just live my life as I see fit.

For those of you who didn't read my "One Piece Dream Crew" journal, here's how my DF works: It's a Paramecia which allows me to command anything considered inanimate and make it do whatever command I give it. Of course, there are limitations to my DF: I can't make anything animate (a.k.a. living beings) do what I want, the commands I give are simple and can't be complex, I can only do 1 command per object I touch, and there is a certain limit of objects that can follow my commands. Also, if I don't specify on a target if I command an object to attack, then the object will attack anything until the command has been fulfilled (which is a plus for me since the object can act independently from me while I take care of something else). Likewise, I can stop the command on any given object and can then give a new command after I touched said object (of course, I would have to touch it again to do so).

As for weapon, I probably wouldn't carry any to fool people. After all, what better way to fool a person into dropping their guard than by having no weapons? Although, I would have to be in very good shape and specialize in speed over strength since I need to make sure I touch objects in order to use my DF to their fullest capacity. If I DID have to have a weapon, I go with a spear or halberd to keep opponents at a distance or to keep them just out of reach until I came up with a plan of action.

As for what I'd be call...Probably something like "the Hunter" or "the Commander" due to my job or DF ability respectively.

So, yeah, I wouldn't be a pirate, a revolutionary, or a marine. I'd like to do things my way and live my life how I'd want to, and in the world of One Piece, isn't that the point? :XD:

So, I tag :iconkilnorc: Malchior and the Dude of Doom. :XD: 

:iconcrazyfishie: :iconbob-raigen: :iconzoro4me3: :iconchess-man: :iconluffie: :iconterverius: :iconripfangdragon: :iconthegeckoninja: :iconkarbo: :icontoontwins: :iconsalamanderflame: :iconbruno-sensei: :icondoodlebuggy: :icongamefreakq: :iconlilith-lips: :iconecchiman: :iconsethron: :iconlaxdrake: :iconkilnorc: :icondragonrider99: :iconphaul:

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My Japanese name is Josuke Ienari.
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