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Wayward Adventures - Chapter 3
Jack snorted and grunted as he awoke from his dreams of the past, cursing the road he was on for interrupting his nap. It had been nearly half a year since he entered the Mercenary's Guild, and his notoriety had risen in large part to the kingdoms around the area realizing what he had done. After successfully undoing the curse, restoring the lake, and the surrounding area, Jack was found on a new little island in the middle of the lake. When the search parties found him, they also found the bones of the former prince of the great lake kingdom and when Jack awoke three days later to explain, it was concluded the island would be a holy sight by the two kingdoms and a tomb for the prince's remains to rest in.
Of course, Jack was more surprised by the news that Princess Erica and Prince Peter Flint of the Kingdom of Stone had engaged themselves to end the silly feud between the kingdoms. With how things had nearly turned out, the two agreed that if their respective families kept feuding th
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 3 2
Wayward Adventures - Chapter 2
“I'm so glad I finally found you, Mr. Embers.”
A part of Jack didn't feel quite the same sentiment as the goddess before him, but then there was the other part that told him that her finding him meant there was a solution to get back home. The second option was far more powerful than the first, so he swallowed what anger he had inside as he greeted her with a teasing, “What kept you?”
The goddess frowned lightly, causing the stars to actually flicker, “It's not as easy as you think to locate a single mortal throughout the entire cosmos and the multiverse, Mr. Embers. I had gone through nearly five hundred different versions of Earth just to finally find you.”
Jack cleared his throat, and gave a bow, “Sorry, I am glad to see you're okay.”
Things were quiet between the two but when the goddess smiled in relief, it was as if the light of the stars around her brighten up a bit with her mood. She gave a bow herself to Jack, “I'm sorry it
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 0 0
Wayward Adventures - Chapter 1
Jack whistled to himself as he headed through the forest, enjoying nature's splendor as he made his way towards the town that his master said bordered the forest. While Sebas had said that it would take a day, Jack had cut about a good three quarters of the trip by cheating a little by using a wind spell to amplify his speed. After the spell faded, he decided that walking the rest of the way would be fine and he wanted to at least have a leisure walk through the woods as it calmed him. His luck had not flared up at all, which meant he wouldn't have a lot of time before it decided that it was high time to stick him into trouble again.
So here he was: enjoying a stroll through the woods and munching on some jerky that Raffles the Gnome had somehow packed into his supplies.
Everything was going well...until the giant boar raced past him and there were immediate shouts of several men in both agony and to establish commands.
Trying to make sense of what happened, Jack turned to where the bo
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 4 0
Wayward Adventures: Prolouge
“I am sorry, Mr. Embers.”
Jack Embers was a human just like any other. He at one time had had a family, some friends he spoke with often, a secured job, and enough knowledge to make it through life. If there was one thing that made him stand out from most people, it was his eerie luck. Whatever he did, wherever he was, and with whomever he was with, his luck would draw in trouble as much as it would take for him to get out of. As a child, he was called “Jack the Jinx” by his peers, a name that stuck through all of his life until college where he managed to barely get himself a bachelor's degree.
His luck had finally landed him in the biggest trouble, however, when he was facing a being that looked to be made out of light in the shape of a man.
He couldn't speak but within his mind, questions were flooding in: Where was he? How had he gotten there? Who was this strange being, and was this “person” the one who had somehow managed to get
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 1 4
Madness in the place of Hope,
Darkness where there is Light,
Oh, young soul, fear Corruption,
For like a shadow, it will always Call.
Whispering cold Advice,
Taking the Hand of the Weak,
Leading the Blind and Deaf past the Peak,
Corruption devours all that is Good.
Oh, poor young Soul,
You who are loved by Life,
Wail, despair, and be shattered,
As Corruption breaks all who are before it.
Corruption, that ancient Abyss,
Swallowing all with the Intention of Good,
Never having its fill,
And spreading like a great ill.
Woe to you, young soul,
For there is nothing,
Nothing that will stop Corruption's Call.
:iconshidyk:Shidyk 1 0
Jack Embers the Warlock by Shidyk Jack Embers the Warlock :iconshidyk:Shidyk 7 8 Orla the High Orc by Shidyk Orla the High Orc :iconshidyk:Shidyk 15 8
One Piece Fan-Fic Blurbs 1
“Alright, everyone! We're shoving off!”
Rayo's call garner the attention of the crew as they finished preparations and prepared to disembark once more into the wild seas of the New World. As Jessamine went past with the last of the groceries for the trip, Rayo noted a stranger quickly making their way towards them. He focused on the stranger, trying to see if he could make out anything that would alert him to whether he was with the World Government or some other dangerous organization.
When he spotted none, he turned back to the Sea Chariot and called for Shade, “Oi, Shade! I think we got a thief trying some gutsy move.”
Shade came out of the ship, slightly avoiding Isaac as the blonde doctor went to finish packing, and took a look at the stranger. He snorted as he looked at Rayo, “You really think that's a thief?”
Rayo shrugged as Emma Olas came to him and showed him the expenses for the shopping this time, “No clue. Just make sure he
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CM: Seraphina and Alma by Shidyk CM: Seraphina and Alma :iconshidyk:Shidyk 19 2 Melina the Basilisk by Shidyk Melina the Basilisk :iconshidyk:Shidyk 33 5 Goa the Ogre by Shidyk Goa the Ogre :iconshidyk:Shidyk 24 7 Commission: Alma the Lizard-Girl by Shidyk Commission: Alma the Lizard-Girl :iconshidyk:Shidyk 21 6 Alma the Lizard-Girl by Shidyk Alma the Lizard-Girl :iconshidyk:Shidyk 14 12 Seraphina the Salamander by Shidyk Seraphina the Salamander :iconshidyk:Shidyk 20 2 Onward to a New Dawn by Shidyk Onward to a New Dawn :iconshidyk:Shidyk 9 6 OC: Seraphina the Salamander by Shidyk OC: Seraphina the Salamander :iconshidyk:Shidyk 6 5

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Wow, actual updates to journals? People might actually start thinking I'm alive. :XD:


Joking aside, the reason for this journal is in the title (no surprise there), and I felt like making my own personal top ten Scooby-Doo movies that I enjoyed through my life after nostalgia hit me when I saw the newest entry to the franchise, Scooby-Doo and the curse of the 13th Ghost. Now, unless I say that this is my favorite, they are all in random order and while I like them, the degree will be different for each one. And for those of you who have never seen them, don't worry, I'll give you a short summary but detain from major spoilers.

At number 10, we have the rather obscure gem of Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers. Scooby's best friend, Shaggy, has inherited a mansion from his Confederate great uncle. So, wanting to see his new home away from home, he takes Scooby and Scooby's nephew, Scrappy, to check it out only to run into not only several haunts roaming the place but even worse...a love-struck (but rather cute) hillbilly girl and her family who have been feuding with his uncle for generations! With all this going on, Shaggy discovers that his great uncle also left him a fortune in jewels, and now the trio have to figure out where it is amongst the chaos that surrounds the place. So for a peace of mind, they hire the Boo Brothers, ghost versions of the 3 Stooges, who specialize in hunting down ghosts.

So as you can already tell, while I found this movie to be a treat for the comedy aspects of it, a lot of people will personally dislike it for one character: Scrappy. Yeah, it's no secret that everyone and their grandma considers Scrappy to be the worst thing ever created for the franchise and that he should've never come into existence. Heck, WatchMojo, a top ten listing Youtube channel has named him several times as one of the most annoying characters in cartoons several times. However, I highly remain neutral and think that while yes, Scrappy was annoying for the most part, he did end up helping the franchise by actually getting it attention before it would disappear like many cartoons at the time. My enjoyment of this movie is the comedy, personally, from the antics of the Boo Brothers (who are heavily based on the 3 Stooges) to Shaggy's constant avoiding of the hillbilly girl and her rifle toting brother, and the misfortunes of Scooby (you'll get it when you see it). Plus the mystery was always fun, and you just want to join in on to solve it. So, yes, while I know people don't really care for this for some issues, I am fond of it.

At number 9, we have Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. After having split up and pursuing their own careers, the gang comes back together as they help Daphne with a TV show she's making by going to all the haunted locals of Louisiana. Finding nothing at first, the gang then learn of Moon-Scar Island where creepy stuff has been going on. Of course, what the gang doesn't that some hauntings can be real!

Now this is probably one of everyone's favorites from this franchise, and one I can see why. The animation is well done, the songs are great, and the story is perhaps one of the few times that Scooby and the gang run into actual real spooks. While I have no issues with the crew solving mysteries and unmasking the bad guy, I love this idea far more. I mean, come on, you're going to tell me that not once you wanted the monster to be a monster instead of some weirdo in a mask? Granted, the weirdo in the mask is probably slightly safer (since they're human and not a monster) but as a kid I always wanted the spooks to be real just so that the gang actually had something interesting to deal with instead. This movie was the 1st of its kind to actually give the gang something that broke the mold and I for one, am grateful for that.

At number 8, I present to you Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost. Having sold another mystery with the help of a horror/mystery writer, the gang sets off for a little town up north where the town is getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of when a witch was killed. When the ghost of the witch starts causing problems, however, it's up to the gang to solve the mystery of the ghost!

I think of this one and the movie after, Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders, as kind of a trilogy. The animation style is the same, and the monsters and ghouls are actually real (which in my opinion was always a bonus). However, of the three, I think this one has the best in terms of music because it introduces the girl band known as the Hex Girls. Their songs are not only catchy but fit their theme of being “creatures of the night” (read: vampire girls) and the three girls would make cameos in not just the show proper but in other movies as well. Plus the villain of the movie is always the last person you suspect, and I think this is a great movie for those who actually like music and Scooby-Doo (or ghost stories, in general).

At number 7, we have Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword. In Japan, Scooby and the gang are invited by a friend of Daphne's named Yumi to a martial arts tournament that Daphne will be exhibiting in. However, things go south fast when the ghost of an ancient samurai known as the Black Samurai, crashes the party as he looks for his Sword of Doom. Now the gang must hurry to keep the Sword of Doom away from the Black Samurai as they try to solve the mystery behind this dark warrior from Japan's past.

I will not lie: I love Japanese culture and traditions. Having been introduced to this culture from a very early age from animes like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, I have always been charmed by their distinct and unique look at life. So when Scooby-Doo and his pals actually go there to solve a mystery that takes into account Japanese culture, you know I had to watch it. The movie does a good job in some places about the culture and places bits of it all over the movie. The villain is interesting because of his background, which I won't divulged as much but is heavily influenced from the legends surrounding the sword-smiths Muramasa and Masamune. So, I recommend this movie if you want to watch Scooby and the gang tackle Japan if nothing else.

At number 6, we have Scooby-Doo and KISS: Rock n' Roll Mystery. Spooky happenings are occurring at a KISS themed amusement park, and the manager calls in the best mystery solving group in the world! KISS! With the Scooby gang also being nearby, the two joined forces to solve the mystery of the Crimson Witch, who is looking for a rock in the park.

So, while this is not the 1st time that Scooby and the gang have met famous celebrities and have their help in solving a mystery, I think this is one of the few times that they do it right. See, the problem with having cameos are the expectations people have when they know the actor, sports athlete, or musician that appears and they expect them to act as they see them not how they are portrayed. However, this movie hits all the right notes (no pun intended) in giving the group KISS their own time as much as they do the Scooby gang. Plus, I am a sucker for good music, and a lot of KISS's best songs are in this movie making a lot of the movie enjoyable in my opinion. So give this movie a shot if you feel like doing some rock n' roll tonight.

At number 5, we have Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King. At a carnival on Halloween night, the gang is enjoying the festivities when they spy a magic act. After Scooby and Shaggy ruin the act, however, the magician swears to pay them back one day. Fate rewards that claim in the form of a fairy that the magician captures and using her powers, he begins a plan to ruin all of Halloween. Now, it's up to Scooby and Shaggy to journey forth and obtain the Goblin Scepter from the Goblin King and right the wrongs before Halloween (and the world) are ruined forever!

So remember how I said I love it when monsters end up being real? Here's another entry to that category. This movie was fun in the ways I think that these movies needed to be done: it had plenty of cameos (if you were eagle-eyed enough), some fun music, and it showed Scooby and Shaggy not being their normal 2-note characters (that of being cowardly and hungry) by being brave enough to do something that they'd normally wouldn't do: go into a Halloween themed parallel dimension to help their friends. While, yes, the Samurai Sword showed them in what I think its their bravest, this movie is probably the second time we see the two go and try to fix a problem they made with all they got. That's worth a lot of respect in my books.

At number 4, we have Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare! At Camp Little-Moose, creepy stuff has been occurring throughout the summer and it looks like its about to close down. Not wanting to see his favorite camp as a kid close down, Fred signs the gang up as counselors to find out the truth behind all the spooks invading the camp. Can the gang save the camp and solve all the mysteries behind the scares at Camp Little-Moose?

This was a nice movie to watch. The side characters were interesting, the mystery was unique, and a lot of the spooks in this movie reminded me of several other cinema spooks. While the level of involvement for the gang differs, I think this was a great movie and personally, I recommend it for those who want something traditional in terms of the franchise.

At number 3, we have Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright. Fred and Daphne are the finalist of a nationwide talent show, and the gang is off to Chicago for the finals. While the show is preparing for the finals, however, a phantom begins to haunt the theater that the talent show is taking place! It's up to the gang to stop the awful acts of the Phantom if the show has a ghost of a chance!

Like Camp Scare, this movie has a lot of side characters that are enjoyable to watch and the whole thing being a spoof of talent shows like American Idol and such just makes the humor that much more hilarious. The mystery is fun since it deals with a phantom that plays up the whole “Phantom of the Opera” vibe (and that's all you're getting about the villain from me), and the parts with the talents are good (at least the ones shown). Plus this movie likes to point at all the Fred/Daphne shipping to the point that we, the audience, can't help but wonder if they are finally going to admit it. So, yeah, good movie if you like the stuff I mentioned.

At number 2, we have Scooby-Doo! Shaggy's Showdown. At a ranch out in the desert, Shaggy learns that one of his ancestors was the most notorious outlaw to have ever lived! Even worse, the ghost of his ancestor is scaring everyone out of town, with the ranch fixing to close up shop. Now it's up to the gang to solve the mystery behind Shaggy's ancestor as Shaggy also tries to clear his ancestor's name.

I swear, what is it with Shaggy having all these amazing ancestors? Well, not that I'm complaining, because it shows that Shaggy can be brave (and it has been shown throughout the franchise) and this movie does well in giving Shaggy some more background in the form of another ancestor. While the mystery is per the course of the franchise, I still liked this movie for showing some love to one of our favorite “cowards” of the franchise. I highly recommend watching this movie if nothing else but for the mystery.

And's NUMBER 1!

So...we have dealt with all the movies I “liked” in the franchise. And now, we have come to the end where my favorite (to the surprise of no one, I am sure) sits upon their throne. And the name of this movie? The one that beat all of the others?

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School.

Scooby, Scrappy, and Shaggy have signed up to be the sophomore gym teachers for an all “ghoul” school run by Ms. Grimmwood. Joining our trio are the daughters of the most infamous monsters of all time: Sibella (daughter of Count Dracula), Elsa Frankenteen (daughter of the Frankenstein Monster), Phantasma/Phanty (daughter of the Phantom), Winnie (daughter of the Werewolf), and Tanis (daughter of the Mummy). With aiding the girls win a volleyball tournament, keeping them safe from the evil witch, Revolta, and trying to keep with these horror girls, can the trio pull it all off?

So while the plot is all over the place with this story, it introduces perhaps some of the most iconic characters besides the gang themselves. The Ghouls from Grimmwood School are perhaps some of the more entertaining aspects of this movie and they are all adorable in their own unique way (though some of their aspects can wear thin...I'm looking at you, Winnie's howling). Regardless, this is also a part in the franchise where the ghouls, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night are actually real, and as always, that's a bonus for me. Shaggy, Scooby, and even Scrappy show some great character in this movie, and Scooby along with Shaggy show a lot of courage when they even go to invade the villain's lair to save the girls (granted, I think a large part of that was not to make their fathers angry). It has decent animation (I mean, it was from way back after all) and I enjoyed it so much that I actually managed to hunt down a DVD version of the movie to keep and watch whenever I wanted to.

So there you have it, my top ten Scooby-Doo movies. So, now, what are your favorites? Any of them up here with mine? Let me know and why not make your own? I'm sure it would be interesting to look at. :D

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