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Dragon Slayer

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Dragon Slayer

Fantasy is usually too heteronormative -- men are always butch and gruff; women, on the other hand, are always big breasted, "attractive" and clad in chainmail bikini.

Also, magic and brains are usually the province of "evil" -- "true heroes" are always warrior guys.

As a reaction to all that, I made this dragon slayer some kind of eldritch dancer, a laguind creature, quite androgynous -- delicate face, malicious eyes, eyeliner and lipstick, hair ornate, arranged in braids and flowers, and a maculine, well-muscled body.

(Also, I recently read Storm Constantine's Wraeththu trilogy, and it was quite inspiring!)

This is the same as [link] but colored on Photoshop and Painter
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I'm sorry but I don't like this, a like dragons a lot and to see that it got killed by a barely clothed lady is crazy
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WarriorNGoddessProfessional Writer
I love this too. My brain is greatly appreciating your work and the thoughts put behind it!
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CaptainRiccoHobbyist Digital Artist
travesti caçador de dragões

no DA tem de tudo mesmo rs

muito bom
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*dancinha da sorte para o concurso*
e você falou que nem tinha feito um colorido tão perfeito!
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Colorido ficou bem mais divertido ^^
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E inteligível, principalmente. O P&B é um caos de traços que desafiam (do jeito ruim) o espectador a entender o que se passa ali. =P
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Com certeza!
Boa sorte no concurso ^^
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curtsiblingProfessional Digital Artist
I too get sick of standard "Conan" and "Red Sonja" type archetypes.

Interesting take on the Dragonslayer motif. I prefer to avoid using
creatures like Dragons, Orcs, Elves, etc...Or at least evolve these
old ideas into something new...

But you have done a wonderous job here!
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I agree with: dragons, orcs and the like are best avoided. As Miéville puts it, "creating your own critters is fun." This piece was made for a contest in which dragons were sort of required.
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curtsiblingProfessional Digital Artist
I didn't mean to sound critical, SV! :)
Your work is splendid - The dragon especially.
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leothefox General Artist
This is gorgeous, and an excellent contradiction to the stereotype. I enjoy it very much.
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