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The Deathling

Here is my entry to the contest held by the most AMAZING :iconian-x: I hope sincerely that he liked it since I couldnt get this idea out of my head from the moment I sat down with a pencil. I wanted this to come out like a tarot card, in particular, the hanged man.

Hope you like it <3

Deathlings© :iconian-x:
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© 2009 - 2021 shidonii
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MTJpub's avatar
Very cool! Great work!
DarkBrainComics's avatar
Another creative and brilliant work Syd! LOVE IT.
shidonii's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
Denver-Undead's avatar
this is fantastic!
shidonii's avatar
Thank you so much <3
Denver-Undead's avatar
no problem! love your work!
IanStruckhoff's avatar
You should submit this to the new group :iconthedeathlings: #thedeathlings so more fans can see it! ;)
shidonii's avatar
You got it! Added this to my journal, and when you approve I'll submit it <3
IanStruckhoff's avatar
Thanks for adding it to your journal-- That was FAST! ;)

Your membership is approved now. Welcome!
ElleDontYouDare's avatar
so cool i love tarot cards
shidonii's avatar
me too, I just wish I had the ability to finish a set =(
ElleDontYouDare's avatar
They would be so wicked!
DeCarla's avatar
Looks great. You made a her breasts sag correctly. :) Not many people do that. And her leg looks correct in that position. Not too strained or weird. It looks natural. :clap:
ManuelaSoriani's avatar
Very nice work!
the-kid36's avatar
this is some awesome stuff hun :D
paralel's avatar
amandulu's avatar
YESSSS!!!A set of tarot card? Great job Shido...
Waiting for others
shidonii's avatar
thank you so much <3
gumeaw's avatar
I love this design that's very cool.:omg:
I give name "the hanged girl" more than the hanged man:D
shidonii's avatar
Most definitely <3
Naruto-No-Dobe's avatar
shidonii's avatar
HotaruThodt's avatar
That is one awesome design, and you did indeed pull off the Tarot card feel. :D
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