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Some of my OCs as children, drawn for practice and relaxation purposes.

time: less than an hour per portrait
program: painter classic + photoshop
© Jennie Hålén

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© 2011 - 2020 shideh
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I lovee your style
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So beautiful!
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I really like your style! Beautiful faces and expressions. ^^ Very cute! Very good shading. 
They look realistic and still... how can I say it, cartoonic in a mangastyle. 

I´m inspired of your drawings and dream to be able to draw something as good as this one day. ^^ 

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my sis name is Eileen, too! :D
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So cuuuuute <3
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Adorable. :) I think Randro and Will are my . . . nah, they're all too great, can't pick just one - I tried! ;)
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Haha, thanks! :D
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I love all your work these children are so precious, I what do you use for a texture ? I love the feel of the lines over them.
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Thank you! It is a default canvas texture from Corel Painter :)
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... this is the kind of thing that makes me just want to curl up somewhere and go "NAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!", because it's all just cuter than should be legal - it probably is.
I love Aska's expression, she's just the cutest :XD: But Leyla, Will and Eileen is just wickedly cute as well - I'm sure they'd sneak their way out of just any trouble, wouldn't they?

Wicked, either way ^^ And I love it :D
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I really love the way you draw the child's face and your ability to express personality through their facial expressions. You're an amazing artist!
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Tyhank you very much :hug:
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Cail, Will and Aska are adorable! They are all adorable though :D
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Thanks a lot! :heart:
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raaaaah...erase my precedent message
So, i really like how you draw your character and wish i could do the same!The one i love the most is Eileen because i have a character with exactly the same look (exept the ears) and her name is Wenefrid...god i can't stop to look, i'm totally in love with these design...
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Gah, these are all so cute! I can't choose a favorite. ^__^;
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Aaw, thank you! :giggle:
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Eileen is incredibly cute. :)
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Awww cute families.
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That finger-in-mouth is waaaay too cute. I'M GETTING CAVITIES HERE!
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